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Peter Andre Reveals His Top Baby Name Contenders

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Forget names like Princess and Junior – Peter Andre has far more traditional names in mind for when his third child is born

The reality star has spilled on the type of name that he wants to give his unborn baby, saying he’s a fan of regal and biblical ones. So it would appear that Katie Price picked their other two children’s names…

Peter shared his preferences with a pregnant fan, aired on his Peter Andre channel, saying, ‘Biblical names are great. Alexandra, Cleopatra, those nice biblical names.’ The singer also said that he’s a fan of the name Elizabeth and jokes that he loves Janet Jackson’s name because ‘she’s royalty to me.’

The sex of the baby isn’t yet known (will it be a Mysterious Girl? Sorry, couldn’t resist!), so Peter will have to wait before deciding a name.

‘Biblical names are great. Alexandra, Cleopatra, those nice biblical names'

‘The honest advice I'd give is that if you haven't decided on a name, when that beautiful baby is born you're just going to know, you're going to look at her and you're just going to know,’ Peter says.

The 40-year-old singer announced that he was expecting a baby with his current girlfriend, medical student Emily MacDonagh, 23, in July. So we’ll have to wait a few more months to see what mini Andre will be named.

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