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Nine Famous Faces From The ‘90s It’s OK To Name Your Baby After

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Nine Famous Faces From The ‘90s It’s OK To Name Your Baby After

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it – the ‘90s is back with a vengeance. Think neon, hi-tops, crop tops (gulp)… And we think the current nostalgia is the perfect excuse to name your baby after your favourite star of that decade.

Whether it’s pulling your dungarees out from the back of your wardrobe or blowing the dust off your old cassettes everyone’s gone a bit ‘90s mad recently.

But, have you thought about taking inspiration from your favourite ‘90s star for potential baby names?


We reckon naming your little girl after No Doubt’s lead singer will earn her serious cool points in the playground.  The ‘90s was full of fun and feisty females but Gwen Stefani definitely stands out for her unique, quirky style and talent. 

There’s no doubt (ahem…) that naming your baby after this lady is a great idea.


Not only was supermodel Christy Turlington the face of the ‘90s but she now works with CARE as an ambassador for maternal health, and her charity work inspired her to complete a master’s degree in Public Health – so, she’s got beauty, brains and compassion.

What more could you want for your little girl?


If you’re looking for an unusual name for your little boy, look no further than Blur’s frontman. It might even inspire him to follow in Albarn’s footsteps to achieving musical greatness.



If you showed off your Friends love with a ‘Rachel’ haircut, you may want to use the actress as inspiration for naming your baby. Jen Aniston played the ultimate girl next door for the 10 years the series was on our screens.

Nothing sums the ‘90s up quite like it. 


You couldn’t turn on the TV in the ‘90s without seeing Leo DiCaprio’s face staring back at you – not necessarily a bad thing.

The Titanic and Romeo and Juliet star’s undeniable talent, memorable roles and good-boy reputation make him the perfect baby name inspiration in our books.

And this baby boy name is definitely something a bit different for the playground.


Don’t want a traditional name for your baby? Well, we’ve got the one for you. Keanu Reeves played some of the ‘90s most famous roles – Johnny Utah, anyone?

But, if that’s not enough to persuade you, Keanu translates to ‘Coolness’ in Hawaiian.


There’s no denying that Steffi Graf is one of the greatest female sports stars of all time who dominated women’s tennis in the ‘90s. She even holds the record for most consecutive weeks as world number one.

So, if you want to give your baby a head start in P.E, or just an extra bit of girl power, you know who to name her after.



Naming your baby after one of our favourite Olympians Roger Black will mean your son has pretty big boots (or spikes, to use the proper term) to fill, but we think it’s worth it.

Plus, the origins of the name Roger mean ‘famous’ so you might even have a little celebrity on your hands.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air defined a generation, from the fashion to the (infectiously catchy) theme tune. If you fancy naming your baby after one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, we don’t think you can go wrong with Will Smith.

All together now, ‘In West Philadelphia born and raised…’



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