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Someone Stole Your Perfect Baby Name? The Blunders That Happen (And Can Be Overcome)

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It might have taken months, but you’ve finally agreed on the perfect name for your baby. Suddenly you’re on the phone to your pregnant BFF and she mentions she’d quite like it, too. And she’s due before you. Argh! Here's how to deal with the biggest obstacles

You’ve researched origins, checked and double-checked meanings, spent weeks surrounded by baby name books and covered your house in Post-it notes of possibilities. Now you’ve finally narrowed it down to just one….

And then you meet someone you can’t stand with the same name and it ruins it for you.

It might feel like a total disaster, but we’ll show you how to get around your baby name dilemmas.

They stole my name! What do I do? 

So, you let slip your choice of baby name to one of your pregnant friends and now she’s used the name for her baby. 

It might feel like she’s stolen your name, or even left you feeling as if you can’t use it yourself.

Bring it up if you think it’s best. But, whether it’s an innocent mistake or not, chances are your friend would never want to hurt you.

Take a deep breath and put it into perspective. It isn’t what you planned but there’s nothing wrong with your baby sharing a name with a friend. Your child will probably meet a kid with the same name when he starts playgroup and, you never know, you might grow to love that these two buddies-to-be have the same name.

Oh no! It’s in a reality TV show

Maybe it wasn’t a friend who pinched your name, but a celebrity? Before you’ve even had a chance to share your name choice with family and friends, a celeb baby comes along and steals your thunder.

Who are we to argue if Blue Ivy made it onto your final list?

You might have had plans to call your little girl Harper before the Beckhams’ little cutie came along or, hey, who are we to argue if Blue Ivy made it onto your final list?

If a celebrity uses a name, it will most likely mean that it will see a surge in popularity so your uniquely-named kid might go to a school with a few more namesakes than you’d have liked.

Ok, it’s frustrating, but if you love a name it shouldn’t matter who else has chosen it for their child. If you are getting way too many negative feelings when you think of the name, go back to the drawing board and look for more inspiration.

Next door pinched it for their puppy

You’re out for a stroll when you hear someone screaming out your baby-to-be’s name – but, they’re calling after a dog in the park. 

The best thing you can do in this situation is laugh about it. Unless you’ve picked ‘Rover’ or ‘Spot’, it’s unlikely this will happen very often.

Just credit the pet owners with impeccable taste.

I picked the same name as my new boss and I hate her!

We’ve all got those names that are off limits to begin with because of negative connotations – but it can feel totally disheartening when you’ve finally decided on a name and then meet someone who ruins it for you.

If you’ve picked a name you love, don’t rush into changing it straight away. Wait a while, and remind yourself why you chose it in the first place – but if the name really has been ruined, go back to your list of favourites and try again.


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