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40 summer-inspired baby names for your little ray of sunshine

Section: Girls baby names

Summer is fast approaching, the days are getting longer, the evenings are lighter and the sunflowers are blooming (apparently!). 

So whether you're expecting in the next couple of months or just looking for some sunny inspiration for your new baby, look no further. We've compiled a range of more unconventional summer names you won't have thought of, combined with some popular summer baby names.

Take your time with this list and trust your instincts when a moment of inspiration comes to you! 

Summer-inspired names:

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1) Aurora

Latin for the goddess of dawn, the beautiful little girl's name calls to mind the Aurora Borealis — the stunning northern lights that appear as a shimmery green-blue sun rising at night.
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2) August

Although it’s traditionally a boy’s name, August is a sweet name for either sex.

The month of August gets its name from Emperor Augustus and brings up images of bright, sunny days filled with the sweetest things like ice cream and walks on the beach—a perfect euphemism for your new bundle of joy.

This summer baby name is a favourite of Hollywood parents including Charlize Theron.
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3) Birdie

English for the animal and a familiar form of Bertha, or “bright,” in German, this vintage baby girl’s name is coming back into style big-time along with Hattie, Josie and Millie.
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4) Beach

One of our favourite places to go in the summer—the beach! The usage of this name is fairly new, so you’ll sure to be ahead of the curve if you name your little guy Beach. An alternate spelling is Beech.
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5) Eden

Eden is a classic summer baby name that has been on the rise in the last few years. It’s a biblical name, in reference to the Garden of Eden, that means “a place of pleasure and delight.” And that’s exactly what your baby is—well, except for the poop and the sleepless nights.
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6) Beckett

This dapper, cool, Irish and English baby boy's name is all the rage (among celebrities and regular folk) and fits in with the "names ending with ett" trend that shows no signs of slowing down. It means "a place for bees to stay" and has a distinct cottage-in-the-country feel.
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7) Isla

You might think of actress Isla Fisher, but this Scottish baby girl name refers to the River Isla, in Scotland. It also calls to mind “isle” or “island” — where we’d all like to be in the summer. It has a summer, breezy feel to it. 
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8) Birch

This still-unique, strong baby boy name is after the tree with white bark that stands tall and green in the summertime.
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9) June

Latin for "born in the sixth month," this girls' name has also become a trend for baby boys too. Juno — like the adorable 2007 movie — is a close relative.
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10) Brooke

A babbling, peaceful brook is just the thing to visit in the middle of summer. This name means “stream” or “running water” and is one of the most serene and summery names you could hope to find.
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11) Kira

Persian for "sun," Latin for "light," the Greek version of this baby girl's name, Kyra, means “noble one" and in Russian it means "throne."
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12) Dax

A French and English baby name meaning “water,” this spirited baby boy’s name salutes the Star Trek character and the Parenthoodactor married to Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard.
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13) Lake

Summer for many of us means spending time at the lake, so this lovely name for boys or girls is a perfect pick.
Actress Lake Bell has made this one sought-after again, as have Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, who gave daughter Vivian this as her middle name.
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14) Dayton

English for bright, sunny town, you could even call your little baby girl or boy “Day” for short with this unisex name.
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15) Layla

This gorgeous name means “night” or “dark beauty” in Arabic. There are also the alternative spellings of Leila, Laila and Laylah.
Night time is one of the best parts of summer; there’s bonfires, frolicking on the beach, and romantic moments under the moon. This is truly the perfect choice for a little summer girl.
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16) Dune

This still-hip boy's name has a beachy, sandy feel but is also gaining ground as a choice for baby girls.
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17) Lucy

When it comes to sunny names filled with light and love, it simply does not get better than Lucy. This name literally means “light” and promises a personality filled with good vibes and smiles.
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18) Dylan

Welsh for "sea," this unisex baby name pays homage to singer Bob Dylan and makes an especially fresh moniker for a little girl.
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19) Luna

This luminescent girl's name meaning "moon" in Latin inspires images of a silvery, sparkly crescent shining in the balmy summer night sky.
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20) Gardner

Gardner - For green thumb couples, this English boy’s name has a true summer feel with a very literal meaning: “gardener.”
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21) Marina

Marina is a beautiful nautical name that makes you think of enjoyable days on the ocean and trips to exotic places. Marina means “mariner” or “woman of the sea” and refers to a harbor where boats can come into land or depart on trips.
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22) Julian

An ever-popular (but not too popular), solid choice for summer baby boys that is a variant of "Julius" and means "youthful" or "downy" but has that "born in July" feel.
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23) Meadow

This old English baby girl name calls to mind daisy-dotted, sun-dappled green fields ripe for running through in the warmer months.
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24) Kai

This once boys-only name is gaining popularity among baby girls too and means "sea" in Hawaiian and "willow tree" in Navajo.
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25) Nereida

This unique Greek baby girl name is a form of Nerida or Nerine and means “sea nymph" or "mermaid."
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26) Kiran

This gorgeous Irish boy’s name is a hot choice for the summer months. Meaning “dark-haired,” Kiran has the alternate spelling of Kieran/Keiran and is a great choice for a handsome little chap.
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27) Pearl

Pearls are rare, expensive and gorgeous—much like your baby! Pearls are the birthstone for the month of June, making this a lovely summer baby name. 
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28) Leo

Short for the German baby boy names Leon or Leopold, this moniker meaning “lion” is the astrological sign for babies born from July 23 to Aug. 22.
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29) Ruby

Ruby is the birthstone for July, the month when summer is at its peak. As a baby name, Ruby is sassy, sultry and vibrant. 
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30) Lin

Burmese for “bright,” in England this baby boy name is short for Lyndon. For baby girls, you could also use it as a unique variation on Lynn or Linda.
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31) Skye

This unisex Dutch name is actually short for Skylar or Schuyler, meaning “sheltering” — but it more readily recalls the blue skies of summer.
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32) Luca

A form of the Latin name Lucius, or “bringer of light,” this unisex baby name has been growing in popularity in leaps and bounds both in the U.S. and Europe, with celebrities like Colin Firth, Hillary Duff and Rebecca Minkoff choosing the name for their little boys.
Can also be spelt Lucca.
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33) Summer

Need we say more about this baby girl's moniker that is the name of the season?
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34) Oliver

Cute and classic, Oliver is a wonderful choice for a little summer baby. This name means “from the olive tree” and comes from the name Olivier, which is French. Olive is the female version and is also quite a hit.
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35) Sunny

This cheery, bright English name for a baby girl or baby boy means exactly what it sounds like and is a great choice for your bundle of sunshine. You could change it to Sonny for a boy if you want, but the "u" spelling works for both.
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36) Sol

Meaning “sun” or “peace” in Spanish, Sol is a cool new name for a little boy born in summer!
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37) Susanna

Retro and adorable, Susanna is an adorable name for a little summer girl. Susanna comes from the name Susan and means “lily” in Hebrew. It is another gorgeous flower name that is reminiscent of the best time of year.
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38) Stefan

Stefan is the German and Scandinavian spelling of Stephen. It comes from the Greek word “stephanos” meaning “garland crown.”
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39) Violet

Violet is a sweet summer baby name that comes from the flowering plants called Viola. (It’s also one of the prettiest colours around!) This classic name gained popularity in the 2000s thanks to actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, who picked the name for their first child. 
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40) Theros

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind baby boy name that's season-themed, this Greek moniker fits all your criteria: It means, literally, “summer.”

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