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The Most Unique Baby Girl Names 2017

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Looking for an unusual baby name for your little girl? Whilst the Office for National Statistics released the most popular girls names for 2017, if you're after something that will make your little one stand out on the school register, we've got just what you need. Have a browse of these unique baby names, and if none of them take your fancy, try our baby name generator to find your perfect name. 

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A name that means 'born on Friday', this unusal name is actually of African origin. The perfect name for your baby born on the last day of the working week! 
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A Latin baby name that isn't too popular today, meaning 'from clements' meaning mild or merciful in Latin. Cute nicknames include Clemmie. 
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Your tot probably won't bump into many other Eloras' in the playgrround! This cute name has Greek origins and means 'light'.
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It might remind you of your favourite Disney film, but this cute Italian name, meaning 'bambino or little child', is an unusual but beautiful choice. 
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An English baby name meaning 'well spoken'! 
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Another Disney name, Winnie or Winny is a unisex name of Welsh origin, meaning 'fair one' or 'fair and pure' - the perfect name for your fair-haired baby! 
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A Gaelic bab name meaning 'fair', this unusal name is a cute choice for your baby girl. 
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An English baby name meaning 'famous elf', we love the mythical feel to this cute, unusual name! 
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A Latin baby name meaning 'tranqil', hopefully this name could be a good omen for those first few weeks with your newborn! 
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An unusual name with an unknown meaning, in Greek mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus.
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Whether she's destined to have the same voice as another famous Adele, this cute unusual name means 'noble, kind and tender'.
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Although experts can't agree on the exact meaning of this cute name, it is thought to be derived from the Latin world almus, meaning 'kind'. 
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A cute, Italian baby name meaning 'Pious'. 
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From the Latin word meaning 'seven', because it was the seventh month of the old Roman calendar, which began the year in March, this cute baby name is perfect for babies born at the beginning of autumn. 
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Of course, we don't need to explain the meaning of this cute, unusual baby name! 
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Another super unusual baby name, meaning Wizard. 
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This cute Scandinavian name means ‘divine strength’ – the perfect name for your adorable new arrival.

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