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The Top 20 Baby Names Of 2012

Section: Girls baby names

Stuck on a name for your baby? Be inspired by the meanings behind these great baby boy and baby girl names

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Officially a pet version of Henry, but popular as a name in its own right. Prince Harry and Harry Potter make it a permanent top ten fixture.
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Super-popular name choice that means 'oluve tree.' Consistently in the top ten.
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Pet form of John but popular in its own right. Jackson and Jake are variations.
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A name of Germanic origin meaning ‘a man.’ Charlie is a more popular, informal version of Charles.
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Biblical name meaning ‘supplanter’ and 'holder of the heel'.
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From an Aramaic word that means 'twin'. Tom and Tommy are popular pet versions.
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Short version of the more traditional Alfred, it’s from an Old English word meaning ‘wisdom’.
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The old English name William means 'resolute protector' and was popular for a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D.
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An Irish name meaning 'valiant'.
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Super-traditional biblical and royal name, derived from Jacob.
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One of the most popular current names, Amelia is derived from the Germanic word ‘amal’ meaning ‘work’ and means ‘industrious’ and ‘fertile’.
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Super-popular Shakespearean name deriving from the Latin word for 'olive tree'. Olive is a cute, less common variant.
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A perennially popular choice meaning 'to behold'. Jessie is a pet version.
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Harks back to Roman times, but is also a timeless classic, particularly popular during the 19th Century.
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One of the most popular names in England and Wales for the past seven years for its vintage tone.
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St Ava was a 9th Century princess, daughter of Pepin II of Aquitine. Fifties Hollywood icon Ava Gardner has kept its popularity sky high.
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Mia means 'mine' or 'wished-for child' from its Latin origin. It is considered an abbreviation of both 'Maria' and the male 'Michael.'
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Popular Scottish name derived from ‘Islay’, an island in Scotland.
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And the near identical Sophia, plus their friend Sofia,are crazy popular names meaning 'wisdom'.
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A Spanish form of the name ‘Elizabeth’, meaning ‘pledged to God’ and a popular name choice.

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