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Baby Name U-Turn? How To Change It If You Change Your Mind

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All through pregnancy, you knew just what you wanted to call your baby. But now she’s here it seems, well, wrong. Don’t panic – you have options

So you’ve named your baby, it felt right, you’ve registered the name with the birth, but hang on, a few weeks down the line, it doesn’t seem to fit. Choosing the perfect name that's going to be with your baby for the rest of their lives is a biggie, and all the discussions and research in the world doesn’t always find you the one that's just right.

What can you do? Change it.

How to change your baby’s name by deed poll

Changing your baby’s name by deed poll is legally recognised, plus it’s the most straightforward way of getting this done. 

This will not get you a new birth certificate, but it will give you the legal document to apply for your baby’s passport in his new name. The new name shown on the deed poll overrides the name on the birth certificate.

The process is simple and you can apply by post, by phone, online or in person at the subsidiary's offices.

Can the register office change it?

The quick answer is: No. It isn’t as simple as popping back to the register office and telling them you’ve changed your mind.

Bureaucracy never makes life easy.

You can only make a change on the original birth certificate if there’s a mistake printed on it.

Get the name changed on the birth certificate

There really are very few circumstances where a birth certificate can be changed.  This is because a birth certificate is an historical record, which was correct when the birth was registered.

OK, this is the tricky bit.

If you only wish to change the forename(s), it is possible to have new forenames added to the birth certificate provided the new names were given within a year of the birth being registered.

New names can be added to the birth record a year after the birth was registered, but you will need to provide documentary evidence that the new names were in the baby’s first year. 

You’ll just have to fill out a form from the register office where the birth was registered, then a new birth certificate can be bought. 

It’s good to know there are options if you really feel you have to change your baby’s name – just be prepared for a fair bit of paperwork.


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