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The top 25 baby girl names of 2018

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Baby girls names

Whether you're pregnant and looking for baby name inspiration or want to check how popular your little one's name is, we've got the top 25 baby girl names to choose from.

If none of these names tickles your fancy, take a look at the most popular predicted girls and boys names for 2019. Or check out if there are any stereotypes associated with your possible baby names before you make your choice!

Published by the Office for National Statistics, this list looked at all babies registered in England and Wales and found that THESE names were the most popular baby girls names this year...

The most popular baby girl names of 2018: 

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1) Olivia

No surprise here, this name means 'olive' and has been around in England since 13th century. This name has now beat Amelia to the top spot!
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2) Amelia

This name derives from old Germanic word 'amal' meaning 'work', 'ferilte', and 'industrious'. 
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3) Emily

Endearing as it sounds, it actually is most likely to mean 'rival'. Up two places from last year! 
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4) Isla

Once again, as you guessed, it means 'island'. A very popular name in Scotland where it originated from.
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5) Ava

The Biblical meaning of this name is 'iniquity'. However, there is also a Persian background, meaning 'sound' and 'voice'.
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6) Isabella

In most languages, this one means 'devoted to God'.
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7) Lily

One of the most loved flower names across the world.
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8) Jessica

This name seems to have been by Shakespeare for the character of Shylock's daughter in The Merchant of Venice.  
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9) Ella

Abbreviation of Ellen and Eleanor, both meaning ‘beautiful fairy’. 
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10) Mia

It's common to think that has to do with the Italian word for 'mine', but actually it first came as a short for ancient Hebrew name Miriam which probably means 'beloved'.
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11) Sophia

Same as Sophie, but slightly firmer-sounding. Now more popular from the English version. 
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12) Charlotte

A French one, female diminutive of Charles. Since Charles stands for a free man, this could mean ‘free woman’. Perhaps it's Princess Charlotte's adorable presence that has put this one up 13 places from 2015.
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13) Poppy

We don't need to tell you what it means, do we? Another lovely floral name.
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14) Grace

Originally, this name referred to divine grace. 
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15) Evie

Diminutive from 'Eve'. The name of the first Biblical woman means 'life' or 'living one'. 
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16) Alice

Surprisingly, this one traces all the way back to Adalhaidis, an old Germanic name meaning ‘of noble descent’.
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17) Scarlett

One meaning of this name is the deep red colour, the other stands for a fine woollen cloth.
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18) Freya

That’s a name of the Scandinavian goddess of love. Also, in German, the related word Frau means ‘lady’.
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19) Florence

Not only does it have links to with a beautiful Italian city, but it also means ‘prosperous’. Up 3 from last year! 
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20) Daisy

A lovely flowery name, that comes from the words ‘day’s eye’.
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21) Chloe

It’s one of the names of Demeter, a Greek goddess of green foliage.
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22) Phoebe

Another name of Artemis, the goddess of the moon. In Greek, it means ‘bright’.
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23) Matilda

Comes from Old German and means ‘powerful in a battle’.
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24) Ruby

As you know, ruby is a beautiful red gemstone. What you may not know, in Latin it means 'red'.
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25) Sienna

Comes from a name of a central Italian city, which in turn, comes from an orange clay the city used to produce.


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