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Zzyzx Voted The Strangest Baby Name In New Poll

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Yep, you read that right (but can you actually say it?) – the strangest baby name contains no vowels and originates from an American town

In the constant quest for ever more original and crazy baby names, parents will use anything as inspiration.

But it seems the most bizarre baby name, as voted for by people on, is Zzyzx, which you apparently pronounce as ‘Zay-Zix’.

The baby was named after a town in San Bernadino County, California, which was rumoured to have its origins in a bid to come last alphabetically on a list of all US towns. The town planners picked it so it could then be classed as ‘the last place on earth’. Hmmm.

Other names to make it into the top 10 bizarre names include Nimrod, Moo, Lucifer (!), Dzyre and Zamzam.

The website also referenced a number of people who knew kids named 'Abcde' - pronounced AB-sid-ee.

This follows on from news that parents are using television shows to find inspiration for baby names including Game of Thrones or going back in history to discover old medieval names.

How did you pick your baby’s name? Let us know below.


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