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28 hipster baby names (for those wanting to stay ahead of the curve!)

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hipster baby names for boys and girls

If you're planning on being a super-cool hipster parent (which is basically impossible) then you'll need a super-cool hipster name for your new arrival to match.

If a stylish Scandinavian moniker doesn't tempt you and you want something more unisex than girly while dodging the names that will be everywhere in 2019, look no further. We have put together a list of hipster baby names that are effortlessly cool and guaranteed to give your little one some edge. 

28 hipster baby names:

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1) Ace

Ace is a boy’s name with several potential meanings. It is thought to mean ‘one’, ‘unity’, ‘one who excels’, ‘noble’, ‘first rate’ and ‘first in luck’. With this many powerful meanings, any baby named Ace is destined for super stardom. Ace is also used as a girl’s name or a nickname for either gender.
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2) Blair

Blair is a girl’s name of Scottish Gaelic origin. It comes from several places in Scotland named 'Blair', originally from the word 'blur' meaning ‘plain’ and ‘field’. In America it is often spelt with an e on the end.
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3) Atticus

Atticus is a boy’s name which was popularised in the 1950’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird. It is of Greek or Latin origin and means ‘from Attica’ which was the name for the region in Greece surrounding Athens.
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4) Cecily

Cecily is a feminine version of the boy’s name Cecil. It comes from ‘Caecilius’, an old Roman name which is thought to mean ‘blind’.
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5) Bear

Bear has recently become a popular boys name. Liam Payne and Cheryl named their baby Bear and there is of course the famous outdoors explorer Bear Grylls. The name conjures up feelings of strength and power.
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6) Esme

Esme is a girl’s name that couldn’t be more full of love. It is derived from the French ‘esmé’ meaning ‘loved’ or ‘esmer’ meaning ‘to love’. Many think that it is also a variant of the girl’s name Aimé meaning ‘beloved.
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7) Brax

Brax is a boy’s name that both looks and sounds trendy. It is an animal name, meaning ‘badger’. Brax is also a shortening of Braxton, a popular boy’s name in America.
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8) Harlow

Harlow is a pretty girls name although it does have an unusual meaning. Harlow comes from Anglo-Saxon and the Olde English elements ‘hoer’ meaning rocks or stones and ‘hlaw’ meaning a hill. The name was therefore used to refer to someone who lived in a rocky or hilly area. Perhaps that makes it lose some of its mystique?
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9) Cormac

Cormac is an Irish boys name, from the old Irish ‘corbmac’ meaning ‘son of the charioteer’. Cormac was also the name of a famous Irish king who ruled Ireland for 40 years in 227-266 AD.
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10) Juniper

Juniper is a girl’s name which instantly make us think of our favourite drink – an ice-cold G&T – as Juniper is the berry which flavours this popular spirit. The name comes from the juniper tree or berry and also refers to a derivation of the Welsh name Guinevere. Juniper can be used as both a boys’ and a girls’ name.
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11) Dexter

Dexter is a boy’s name of ancient Greek origin. It comes from the Greek ‘dexiteros’ or the Latin ‘dexios’ meaning ‘right handed’, ‘fortunate’ or ‘skilled’.
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12) Leonora

Leonora is an Italian girl’s name and a shortening of Eleonor. It means ‘light’.
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13) Duke

Duke is a boy’s name meaning ‘leader’. It comes from the word duke which means a leader of a country or a noble man ranked below a prince.
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14) London

London is a girl’s name, obviously named after the UK’s capital city. London is famous for its hipster hangouts and boujee boroughs so what better name to add some edge?
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15) Jagger

Jagger is a boy’s name that is full of swag. It is the last name of famous rock and roll star Mick Jagger and has become a popular first name in a similar way to both Lennon and Marley which have risen in popularity as a tribute to these super-cool and famous musicians.
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16) Pandora

Pandora is a beautiful girls name meaning gift. It is of Greek origin and is famous in Greek mythology. Zeus gave Pandora, the first mortal woman, a box containing all of the troubles of mankind. He warned her not to open it but her curiosity was too strong, Pandora opened the box and unknowingly unleashed evil spirits into the world. This is why we have the phrase ‘pandora’s box’.
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17) Nico

Nico is a boy’s name and a trendy shortening of the more traditional name, Nicholas. It comes from the Greek name “Nikolaos” which is derived from “nikē” (victory) and “laos” (people).
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18) Piper

Piper is a girl’s name, which was traditionally an occupational surname. In medieval times, a piper was simply someone who played the pipes. It comes from the German ‘pfeife’ meaning ‘whistle pipe. This makes it a great name for parents who love music or singing and want to raise a pipe-playing prodigy.
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19) Orion

Orion is a boy’s name that instantly makes us think of stars and the night’s sky. Orion is the name of one of our sky’s constellations. It comes from Greek mythology – Orion was a hunter and son of Poseidon before he was turned into a constellation by Zeus.
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20) Prue

Prue is a shortening of the traditional girl’s name, Prudence. It comes from the Latin ‘prudentia’ which means ‘good judgement.’
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21) Roman

Roman is a boy’s name which makes us think of strength and power. It comes from the ancient Italian capital city of Rome and the empire which ruled many parts of the world. It comes from the Latin word "romanus", which simply means "of Rome".
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22) Raina

Raina is a unique girl’s name meaning ‘queen’. It is popular in Slavic countries with the alternative spellings Rayna or Reina.
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23) Roscoe

Roscoe is a boy’s name which comes from a place-name in Lancashire. The name is derived from the Old Norse elements 'rá' meaning 'a roe deer' and 'skógr' meaning 'a wood'.
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24) Remedy

Remedy is a girl’s name meaning ‘cure’. It is from the Old French *remedie’ or ‘remede’ and the Latin ‘remedium’. It is made up of ‘re meaning ‘again’ and ‘mederi’ meaning ‘to heal’.
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25) Titus

Titus is a strong and powerful boy’s name meaning ‘defender’ and from the Latin ‘titulus’ meaning "title of honour".
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26) River

River is now a popular name for both girls and boys. It comes from the Latin word ‘ripa’ meaning riverbank.
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27) Zayden

Zayden is a boy’s name from Celtic and Gaelic origin. We think it rolls off the tongue and sounds pretty cool with the unusual use of a ‘z’ at the start. Zayden means ‘little fire’.
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28) Sia

Sia is a short but sweet girl’s name. It is of Swedish origin and comes from the Old Norse sigr, meaning ‘victory’ as well as the Scottish Gaelic word meaning ‘six’. The name has become more popular since the rise of the American pop singer.

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