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Why the baby name Karen is set to become extinct

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If your name is Karen, you may be saddened to discover the once-popular girl's name is set to become extinct in just a few years. Or on the flipside, perhaps you're ecstatic that your name has suddenly become a little more unusual and rare. Oh and don't have a flock of mum's in the park shouting 'KARENNNN!' after their mischevious toddler attempts to wander. 

Yep, the name Karen is set to become extinct, as mums are no longer choosing the girl's name for their little one. 

According to research, people just aren't naming their little ones Karen anymore and the moniker has become unpopular with new mothers. 

Other names that have become unpopular in 2018 are Alexa (Amazon's digital assistant) and Felicia (because of the viral meme. 'BYE FELICIA!'). 

Even Ryan is becoming an unpopular choice due to its connotations with budget airline Ryanair. 

REVEALED: The full list of unpopular names in 2018:

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1) Alexa - Two thirds of young parents are deciding against the girl's name, because it's the same name as Amazon’s digital assistant.
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2) Felicia - the 'Bye Felicia' viral meme and well-used catchphrase to say goodbye to something/someone you didn't like, has saw the name's popularity slide.
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3) Christian - not only the name used for the very kinky Mr Grey, but is also feeling 'old-fashioned' in today's multicultured Britain. 
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4) Scarlett - millennials are now lusting after softer pinks and purples and are favouring names such a Violet for their new arrival. 
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5) Katie - From new mums not wanting to copy Kate Middleton, to the very controversial remarks by Katie Hopkins - this name has become less popular in 2018. 
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6) Stan - New parents are wary after the hashtag Stan is slang for 'stalker fan'.
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7) Harvey - Weinstein... need we say more. 
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8) Ryan - this name has plummeted in popularity after mums are worried of the connection to the budget airline. 
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9) Lauren - With plenty of reality TV star connections, it’s no longer an aspirational choice

The name Karen is short for 'Katherine' and means 'pure'. It was one of the top 10 names for girls born in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s, peaking as the 3rd most popular girl's name in 1965. 

So what do you think of the demise of the name Karen? Would you consider the name Karen for your forthcoming arrival? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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