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26 enchanting baby names that sound utterly magical

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Having a baby is a magical moment in your life, so what better way to celebrate your little bundle of joy than with an enchanting or magical name!

It's always easy to pick more traditional baby names for your little one, but why not choose a name with a little more magic, that will really stand out on the class register? These magical baby names are truly enchanting and will make the perfect baby name for your little miracle.

26 enchanting baby names:

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1) Larisa

Larisa is an enchanted sounding name that is of Greek origin. It's perfect for a baby girl and means "citadel." 
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2) Rune

Although the name Rune isn't common, it has a magical feeling and has a meaning of "secret." 
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3) Celeste

This magical name means "heavenly" and is perfect for a little girl. It's a pretty name that's also of Latin origin.
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4) Evander

Your baby boy will definitely stand out with this name! Meaning "bow warrior" the name is of Greek origin, and you could even shorten it to 'Evan' as a nickname. 
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5) Pixie

What's more magic than a pixie? Meaning "fairy", the name Pixie is of Swedish origin. 
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6) Elio

This spirited name isn't massively popular, but it's an enchanting name for a baby boy. 
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7) Tiana

With a magic meaning of "fairy Queen", the name Tiana is a gorgeous girls name that is of Slavic origin. It's also a popular Disney name for a little girl. 
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8) Phoenix

A phoenix is a mythological bird that symbolises immortality, it's pretty magical. Meaning "dark red" the name Phoenix is of Greek origin. 
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9) Avery

Avery is a popular unisex name that means "ruler of the elves." It's a lovely name that's also of English origin. 
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10) Lysander

This name sounds strong and enchanting, which is perfect for a baby boy. Lysander is of Greek origin meaning "liberator" and will definitely stand out on the class register for all the right reasons. 
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11) Pandora

Pandora is a gorgeous girls name that sounds magical. It can be shorted for a cute nickname 'Dora' and is of Greek origin meaning "all gifted."
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12) Jesper

This name is an enchanting version of the name 'Jasper'. Meaning "keeper of the treasure" Jesper is of Persian origin.
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13) Seraphina

This beautiful name is very enchanting. Of Hebrew origin the name means "fiery."
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14) Kingsley

This baby boy name means "Kings meadow" and is of English origin. 
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15) Calla

This lovely baby girls name is of Greek origin meaning "beautiful."
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16) Jove

Jove is a mythological name that is a variation of the name Jovi, meaning "majestic." 
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17) Aurora

Aurora is of Latin origin meaning "dawn" and would be a magical name for a baby girl. 
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18) Magnus

Magnus is of Latin origin meaning "greatest" and it will have a strong presence on the class register. 
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19) Ophelia

This beautiful girls name has an enchanting feel to it. It's also of Greek origin and means "help."
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20) Caspian

This place-name has a magical feel to it, and is a modern version of the name Casper. 
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21) Evangeline

There's something enchanting about this gorgeous baby girls name. Evangeline is a beautiful name of Greek origin, meaning "bearer of good news."
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22) Ellis

Ellis is a popular boys name meaning "benevolent", which stands for all-loving. The name is of Welsh origin.
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23) Althea

This enchanting name sounds almost poetic, and is of Greek origin meaning "with healing power." You can even use 'Thea' as a cute little nickname. 
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24) Finnian

Although this name isn't common, it's an enchanted sounding name that will really stand out. Of Irish origin, Finnian means "fair."
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25) Olympia

What's more magical than the place where the Greek gods lived? Inspired by Mount Olympus, this name is of Greek origin and would make a lovely name for a baby girl. 
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26) Leander

Leander is of Greek origin meaning "lion-man" and is a great, enchanted version of the name Alexander.

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