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The most popular baby names for 2021

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It's such an exciting part of your pregnancy and new parent journey — deciding what to call your baby! There's tons of inspiration out there, whether you're on the lookout for something completely unique, a gender-neutral name, something to celebrate your heritage, or a classic name that will never go out of style. 

According to Nameberry, this year the predicted most popular baby names centre around our hope for a better 2021, with names rooted in protection and strength, heros and antiheroes, and names celebrating the great outdoors that we all came to truly appreciate last year. 

Vintage and ethereal names rule for girls, while woodsy names are hot for boys. Bonus points all around if there’s a connection to nature in there somewhere.

On the flip side, popular names for 2020 such as Cora and Cove have taken a dive thanks to the words “coronavirus” and “COVID”, which we've all heard quite enough of — so naturally, names with similar sounds have been stricken from parents’ lists. 

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Check out the most popular baby names so far for 2021: 

  1. Ada
  2. Adelaide
  3. Adonis
  4. Aiko — since we were unable to travel far last year, 2021 is the year our baby names travel for us! Expect lots of Japanese names as the name origin most likely to rise this year. 
  5. Akari — The latest craze in unisex names is those that end in -ari. They are largely gender-neutral. Some are rooted in Japanese or Swahili culture, others the creation of inventive parents wanting a trendy but still unusual name. 
  6. Akuma
  7. Amari
  8. Amaya
  9. Artemis
  10. Ayla
  11. Azami
  12. Azari
  13. Baird
  14. Bear
  15. Billie — A lot of names on this list centre around the pop culture influence of singer Billie Eilish, full name Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell. Nameberry predict that Billie will reenter the top 1000 this year for the first time since the last century. 
  16. Birdie
  17. Brave
  18. Camari
  19. Chihiro
  20. Clover
  21. Connell
  22. Cyrus
  23. Delilah
  24. Dove  Avian names, particuarly for middle names, are also on the rise thanks to a flock of 2020 celebrity babies with bird-related names. 
  25. Eilish
  26. Emari
  27. Esme
  28. Evander
  29. Ever — In 2021, Ever- names are going to be, well, everywhere.
  30. Everard
  31. Everest
  32. Everett
  33. Everlee
  34. Everleigh
  35. Everly
  36. Everlyn
  37. Everlynn
  38. Evers
  39. Everson
  40. Everton
  41. Falcon
  42. Faye
  43. Finneas
  44. Fletcher
  45. Flora
  46. Frankie
  47. Goku
  48. Guinevere
  49. Haven
  50. Hawk
  51. Hazel
  52. Imari
  53. Jahari
  54. Jane
  55. Jessie
  56. Josie
  57. Jupiter
  58. Kali
  59. Kamari
  60. Kaori
  61. Khari
  62. Kiari
  63. Kylo
  64. Kyomi
  65. Lark
  66. Layla
  67. Legend
  68. Lilith
  69. Loki
  70. Lucifer
  71. Mabel
  72. Maeve
  73. Maisie
  74. Mazikeen
  75. Messiah
  76. Midori
  77. Mika
  78. Nightingale
  79. Noble
  80. Opal
  81. Ophelia
  82. Oz
  83. Pandora
  84. Peregrine
  85. Persephone
  86. Phaedra
  87. Phoenix
  88. Pirate
  89. Powerful — a name to watch this year. Nick Cannon used it for his December-born daughter, whose full name is Powerful Queen — quite a prophecy indeed.
  90. Reina
  91. Ren
  92. River
  93. Robin
  94. Rowan
  95. Sakari
  96. Savita
  97. Silas
  98. Sparrow
  99. Stevie
  100. Sunny
  101. Swan
  102. Teddy
  103. Titan
  104. Vega
  105. Wilder
  106. Wren
  107. Yuki
  108. Zamari

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