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30 nature-inspired baby names and their wonderful meanings

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With spring upon us and summer on the horizon, the world is truly showing its beautiful side of nature. What better way to celebrate the scenic landscapes, gorgeous plants and our favourite seasons than nature-inspired baby names?

We've made a list of 30 baby names, some classic and others unique, that are all inspired by the wonderful surroundings of the great outdoors, from the smallest shrub to the never-ending blue skies. 

30 nature-inspired baby names:

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1) Amber

A British name that became a popular fossilized jewel in the 19th century. 
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2) Ash

The origin comes from "ash tree" and be be a charming nickname for Asher, Ashley or Ashton.
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3) Autumn

The most popular seasonal name now, Autumn is unique yet timeless and is a perfect nature-inspired name. 
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4) Aspen

This name suits any baby but is a preferred boys name. It's an easy name that comes from the Aspen tree and means "one who is like mother earth".
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5) Birdie

The English and Swedish origin meaning "bird" and a chirpy name for a little girl. It can always be spelt 'Birdy'. 
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6) Blaze

Daring and fierce, this name means "one who stutters" and is also a symbol for ambition. 
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7) Blossom

A beautiful cluster of flowers that means "to bloom" or "to grow in all it's glory", this name is gorgeous for a little girl. 
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8) Bryn

Welsh for "hill" this name can also be spelt 'Brin' and is lovely for a little boy. 
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9) Calla

A gorgeous flower and girls name with the Greek meaning "beautiful".
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10) Kai

The Hawaiian origin of the name Kai is "sea". Popular for girls and boys, the name is strong and is also Japanese for "forgiveness".  
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11) Fleur

A delicate girls name of French origin meaning "flower". 
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12) Kunal

This unique boys name is certainly different but a beautiful nature-inspired name. Meaning "lotus" in Sanskrit the name Kunal also means "someone who sees beauty in everything".
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13) Hazel

Inspired by the hazelnut tree and an English word for the colour brown, this simple name is cute and cheerful. 
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14) Lee

A simple name that you might not think is nature-inspired, but the English origin meaning is "pasture, meadow". 
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15) Maple

Inspired by the maple tree, the name sounds attractive as the vibrant tree it takes inspiriation from. 
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16) Oliver

It takes its name from Latin meaning "olive tree" and it can also be changd to 'Olive' for a girl. The name symbolises peace. 
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17) Meadow

Meadow is a name that reflects nature perfectly with the grass, trees and wildflowers that all thrive there. It's also a traditional English name. 
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18) Pierce

A strong, charming name that isn't too unique or too common. It takes its name from "Peter" which means stone.
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19) Neva

This name sounds pure and has a Spanish origin of "white snow". Neva is a beautiful name for a baby girl. 
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20) Reed

The name literally means nature, so what could be more perfect for a nature-inspired baby boys name? 
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21) Ocean

Who doesn't love a beautiful ocean? The name itself is strong and daring, but to make it a little different you can also spell it "Oceane" or "Oceana". 
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22) Ren

Meaning "waterlily" this name can also be spelt 'Wren' which takes its name from the bird. 
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23) Posy

This sweet name would be lovely for a little girl, meaning "bunch of flowers" what would be more beautiful for your little bundle of joy? 
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24) Rowan 

A tree full of red berries, this name comes from the rowan tree. Although it's usually a boys name, it suits little boys and girls. 
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25) Sage

While sage is a herb with amazing health benefits, it's nature-inspired name means "wise one" and is a simple, beautiful name for a little girl. 
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26) Sorrel

The name Sorrel sounds gentle and autumnal which takes its name from French meaning "reddish brown". 
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27) Savannah 

Savannah is of Spanish origin meaning "treeless plain" and practically represents the wilderness. It's a lovely name for a little girl and could be shortened to "Sava" as a cute nickname. 
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28) West

Although the name isn't quite nature-inspired we love have natural and quirky it is for a little boy and is a popular name. 
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29) Sky

An endless, beautiful name just like the sky itself. There are alternate spellings for the name such as "Skye", but it would be perfect for your little girl. 
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30) William

This name doesn't sound nature-inspired but sweet William grows in beautiful, colourful clusters. It's also a royal name with the meaning "resolute protection".

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