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These were the most popular baby names in the 1880s

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Most of us have spent our lives fussing over baby names.

We've had the "That one's too common! That one's too weird! Wait, wasn't my year six bully called Samuel, definitely not!" monologue with our other half over a hundred times and still, finding a suitable moniker for our little one is always a struggle. 

But if you've exhausted the popular 2019 baby names guide, perhaps go the other way. Trends come and go, but as these names were good enough for our great, great, great grandparents (and are still floating around today!) they have more than proved themselves as good, solid names. 

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1. William

Means: resolute protector
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2. Anna

Means: gracious
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3. John 

Means: Jehovah has been gracious
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4. Mary

Means: sea of bitterness
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5. Joseph

Means: Jehovah increases
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6. Minnie

Means: wished-for-child
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7. Henry

Means: home
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8. Clara 

Means: clear and bright
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9. George

Means: farmer
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10. Elizabeth

Means: oath of God
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11. Walter

Means: ruler
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12. Bertha

Means: bright one
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13. Thomas 

Means: a twin
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14. Florence 

Meaning: to blossom
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15. Samuel 

Means: name of God
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16. Nellie

Means: light
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17. Louis

Means: renowned warrior 
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18. Martha

Means: lady of the house
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19. James

Means: supplanter
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20. Bessie 

Means:  oath of God
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21. Charles 

Means: full-grown
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22. Emma

Means: whole
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23. Robert

Means: fame
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24. Grace

Means: eloquence
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25. Arthur 

Means: bear


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