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22 wonderfully posh baby names

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Choosing a name for your new arrival can be a tricky task. 

Do you go for an old-fashioned classic? Perhaps a pretty name? A moniker on the top 2019 list?

Then there is the demise of lots of once-loved names becoming 'unpopular'  due to their new-found meanings in the modern world. Like Alexa? Yep, mums are avoiding it because of Amazon's digital assistant. 

But maybe you're after a plummy name for your little darling that will definitely turn a few heads during the morning register.

22 posh baby names:

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1) Alfreda

Meaning:  elf strength
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2) Aubyn

Meaning: white
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3) Blanche

Meaning: to make white
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4) Angus

Meaning: 'one' and 'choice'
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5) Evangeline

Meaning: bringer of good news
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6) Edwin

Meaning: rich friend
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7) Ophelia

Meaning: help
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8) Luther

Meaning: soldier of the people
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9) Figgy

Meaning: Beautiful innocent
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10) Ludlow

Meaning: ruler's hill
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11) Opal

Meaning: the gemstone opal
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12) Kenneth

Meaning: handsome
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13) Queenie

Meaning: woman 
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14) Julius

Meaning: Jove's child
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15) Persephone

Meaning: goddess of Spring
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16) Quincy

Meaning: estate of the fifth son
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17) Emmeline

Meaning: rival
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18) Augustus

Meaning: majestic
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19) Philippa

Meaning: lover of horses
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20) Theodore 

Meaning: God's gift
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21) Rara

Meaning: Lesser nobility
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22) Tate

Meaning: cheerful

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