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20 beautiful name ideas for your rainbow baby

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Every baby name is special in its own right, and it takes a lot of time to find the perfect one. But, if you're expecting a rainbow baby, there's no doubt that you want it to really mean something to you. 

A rainbow baby is a term that has been given to healthy babies that are born after losing a baby to miscarriage, a stillbirth, or neonatal death.

Whether you're after a name that means light or rain, or, naming your baby after a colour of the rainbow sounds like the perfect idea, with our collection of the best rainbow baby names, we're sure that you'll find the one for your little one in no time. 


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1) Iris

If you're looking for some ideas for your rainbow baby girl, Iris is a lovely option. It is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, as well as the association with the Iris flower. 
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2) Rory

If you want to choose your baby's name after a rainbow colour, a popular name for a boy is Rory, which also has meanings of fiery and the red king.
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3) Violet

Violet is also a popular name if you're going for a colour from the rainbow. 
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4) Aaron

People have described that having a baby brought into the world after a devastating loss is a miracle, and the name Aaron means exactly that. 
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5) Joy

The name Joy seems like the perfect name to go with for a rainbow baby. The name itself will always mean being full of happiness and joy. 
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6) Asher

The name Asher actually means blessing. Typical boy names that also mean blessing are Bennett, Benedict, and Barack.
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7) Mireille

If you liked the idea of expressing the meaning of miracle in your baby's name, Mireille also means this but with a pretty French twist. 
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8) Benedict

Benedict also means blessing, which can also be shortened into Ben! 
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9) Beatrice

Beatrice is a good choice too as it shares the meaning of blessing while also representing the phrase, 'she who makes happy.' 
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10) Felix

Felix is a cute, cheerful name as well as meaning happiness. 
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11) Isadora

Isadora is a sweet name with Greek origin meaning the gift of the goddess, and people also represent the name with being blessed with this gift. Isadora can also be shortened to Dora or Issy/Issie! 
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12) Isaac

Isaac is also a name corresponding with happiness and means they will laugh as it derives from yitshāq which means laughter. 
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13) Felicity

Felicity is the female alternative to Felix, so you're in luck as it also holds the meaning of happiness. The name comes from Felicitas which similarly means luck and good fortune. 
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14) Theodore

Theodore which can be shortened to Theo, means the gift of God, making a lovely name for your new baby after a loss. 
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15) Thea

Theodora or Thea is the female alternative to Theodore - also meaning the gift of God. 
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16) Matthew

You could also consider the name Matthew which also means the gift. 
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17) Hope

A popular name for a rainbow baby is Hope and if you feel this is the one for you, this is such a gorgeous one. 
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18) Rupert

If you're thinking of choosing a name that represents hope for your baby boy, Rupert is a popular choice as well as Amil and Kiran. 
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19) Amanda

Another meaning parents like to go with when choosing their baby name is beloved. The name Amanda means this and has even been associated with being 'loved very much by everyone.'
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20) Robin

If you like the idea of calling your baby after a name that means light, Robin could be perfect for your baby boy. People like the idea of this for their rainbow baby as they say: "you can't have a rainbow without light."

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