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The rarest baby names in the UK have been revealed

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Every parent dreams of their children having the prettiest or the coolest baby names that stand out from the crowd. 

A name that's unusual enough that five children won't have the same name at playgroup! 

Earlier this year, we brought you the most popular baby names of 2019, now we have the RAREST baby names across the UK.

Interesting, eh! 

The Office for National Statistics has a record of all of the baby names given each year, and the 2017 list of baby names has some pretty rare ones. 

The ONS revealed that Hansel made an appearance, and of course, we couldn't help spotting the name Prue on there, which we all recognise from The Great British Bake Off restaurateur, Prue Leith. 

Here are our favourite monikers from the rarest baby names list: 

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1) Adelaide 

The first is the pretty name, Adelaide. The name Adelaide came from the noble German princess who married British King William IV in 1830. Adelaide grew a reputation and was known as Good Queen Adelaide. Adelaide was even chosen by Katherine Heigl for her baby girl. 
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2) Axton

Axton is originally a boy's name meaning sword stone. Similar names that also have a modern take with the x are Jaxson and Maxon. 
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3) Clemmie

Clemmie is known as a name for either a boy or a girl. The meaning when it's used for a girl's name means to have mercy or merciful. Clemmie is short for Clementine or Clemmence. 
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4) Bowe

The name Bowe is the same pronunciation as a bow. It is probably one of the most uncommon names here. Bowe comes from the name 'Bowen', a Welsh name. 
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5) Geneva

The name Geneva is a French girl's name meaning Juniper tree. A Juniper tree is an important plant in the Caledonian forest. Geneva was a very popular name in America in 1919. 
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6) Denby

The cute name Denby is actually an Anglo-Saxon name. The name Denby means from the Danish settlement. They say that Denby's have the capability of doing or accomplishing anything. 
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7) Joules

We have the Joules clothing and footwear brand, and now Joules is a name! Although there's no current meaning of the name Joules, the meaning of the French name Jules is youthful. 
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8) Hansel

The Hebrew name Hansel holds the religious meaning of the gift of God. Get ready for the 'where's Gretel?' jokes! 
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9) Lorie

Lorie is a shortened name of Laurel and Loretta. Lorie is a popular name in England and any Spanish speaking country. People say Lorie's are powerful, passionate and were born to lead in life. 
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10) Kent

Of course, this came from the county of Kent and has now been used as a name. The name Kent is guessed to be Welsh with meanings of the border. 
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11) October

The name October has been used as a girl's name and holds the meaning of eighth. October is said to be much more memorable than other seasonal names like June, April or May. Of course, you could be more adventurous and go for Octavia or Ottavia. 
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12) Niles

Niles is a boy's name and it has a Scandinavian origin. Niles means the son of Neil. 
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13) Prue

Prue is a shortened version of Prudence or the medieval name Prudentia, and it is popular as a girl's name. Prudence means good judgement, which makes complete sense with Channel 4's decision to have Prue Leith on The Great British Bake Off since 2017. Prunella is also an alternative which means plum! 
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14) Reese

The Welsh name Reese is a new modern way of spelling Rhys or Rees, following the way they spell Reese's Pieces chocolate bar. But Reese is actually a popular girl's name with the Welsh meaning of ardor, which means to have great enthusiasm or passion. 
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15) Quincy

Although the quirky name Quincy is known as a boy's name, people have used it for their baby girls. The original French meaning of the name Quincy is the estate of the fifth son. 
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16) Ugo

Short and sweet. The name Ugo means to have intelligence and a spirit. In Nigeria, Ugo means eagle which signifies pride, glory, strength and the king of all birds. Powerful. 
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17) Sunday

The name Sunday is becoming a popular girl's name. The former TOWIE star Ferne McCann brought back the Sunday trend for her baby daughter who is now 2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also named their daughter Sunday. 
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18) Whittaker

The name Anglo-Saxon surname Whittaker has now been used as a first name for a boy. Whittaker is a locational name from Whitacre or Warwickshire. 
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19) Ysabella

The alternative spelling of Isabella or Izabella means God's promise in Hebrew. Ysabella is a unique and pretty mix of Elizabeth, Isabel and the French version, Ysabel. 
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20) Sairus

The Indian name Sairus, used for a boy's name apparently means red. In Nebraska, the name means Sun Lord. 

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