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20 space-themed baby names for your little superstar

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If you are looking for a truly unique baby name, and fancy a celestial twist, these heavenly names will give you inspiration. 

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1) Aries

The name Aries is traditionally a baby boy name but we reckon it would make a cute name for your baby girl too!
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2) Atlas

The name Atlas is of Greek origin, and is traditionally a boy's name with the meaning of 'to carry'. Atlas was a mythical Titan who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. So, the name represents great strength. 
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3) Bellatrix

The name Bellatrix is of a Latin origin and holds the meaning of a 'female warrior'. Helena Bonham Carter played Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series. 
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4) Caelum

Caelum is an unusual one of the space names, and we love it. Caelum holds the meaning of 'of the heavens' in Latin. People say if you have already gone for a Celtic or a biblical name for their first child, this name would compliment it well. 
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5) Callisto

Callisto is a girl's name and represents the meaning of 'most beautiful'. Callisto is well known as one of the moons of Jupiter. People also say that the name Callisto means fair and good. 
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6) Electra

The name Electra is a Latinised form of the Greek spelling, Elektra. Electra means 'amber'. Electra was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra and the sister of Orestes.
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7) Io

The two-letter name Io is one of the more uncommon names that parents tend to pick for their baby girls. It is a name used for the largest moon of Jupiter. 
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8) Izar

Izar is traditionally a girl's name and holds the meaning of 'star' in case you didn't want to go all out and name them that. Izar has a Spanish origin. 
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9) Luna

Luna was the personification of the moon in ancient Roman mythology.
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10) Mars

The name Mars means The Turner of the Battle. 
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11) Mercury

The name Mercury comes from 'to trade'. This is also the name of the first planet in the solar system, and a metallic chemical element. Both of which are named for God.
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12) Meteor

The name Meteor is both a popular choice for your baby girl or boy. A meteor means any atmospheric phenomenon. 
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13) Mira

The name Mira is a girl's name of Latin origin that means either 'admirable, peace, world, female ruler, or ocean.'
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14) Moon

Moon has also grown to be quite popular in recent years. If you fancy going down the space theme for your soon to be son or daughter, Moon is definitely one to go on the list. 
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15) Nova

The name Nova means 'new' in reference to Nova Stella or 'new star'. Nova has grown to be a popular choice of name for a baby girl. Supernova is a star that suddenly increases in brightness. 
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16) Orion

Orion is one of the most recognisable constellations in the night sky and has grown to be a great name for your baby boy. Parents like the scientific yet mysterious ring to it. 
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17) Star

The name Star is another cool choice. It is said that the Star's of the world have abilities in leadership and personal independence. 
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18) Stella

The name Stella also means 'star' if you're after a more subtle spaced themed name for your daughter. 
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19) Venus

This feminine name holds many meanings. But, the one you'll be aware of will be Venus referring to the Roman goddess of love. 
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20) Zaniah

Zaniah is an Arabic girl's name. It is spaced themed as it has an astrological significance being a star in the constellation Virgo. 

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