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18 strong boy names with powerful meanings

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When trying to choose a baby name you might not always want to pick the most popular name that year and go for something a little more unique. You might feel like you're spending all your time scrolling through every baby name list there is, but it just takes one strong name or one meaning behind a name for you to know that it's the one.

If you're looking for a strong name, then you might just love our pick of strong names for baby boys that have a powerful meaning behind them...

18 strong boy names

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1) Matthew

Matthew is of Hebrew origin meaning "gift of God" and has long been a popular name for baby boys. 
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2) Reynold

This quirky but great name is of English and German origin meaning "counsel-power."
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3) Arthur

Arthur is a strong name that's perfect for a baby boy. Its powerful meaning "bear" is of Celtic origin. 
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4) Everett

Everett is a great name that means "powerful; brave" and is of English origin, but is a variation of the German name "Eberhard."
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5) Maximus

This strong name means "greatest" and is of Latin origin. While it might sound a little unique, Maximus is a great boys name that can also be shortened to "Max."
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6) Nicholas

Nicholas is a strong boys name that comes from Greek origin. Meaning "people of victory", this powerful name has long been a favourite for baby boys.
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7) Evander

The name Evander is known to come from Old Norse with a powerful meaning of "bow warrior." It's also of Greek origin meaning "strong man."
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8) Arnold

Just imagine little baby Arnold - how sweet! Of English origin, this strong name has a powerful meaning of "ruler". Arnold can even be shortened to "Arnie" for an adorable nickname. 
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9) Oscar

Meaning "champion warrior", the name Oscar is of both English and Irish origin. This name is great for a strong baby boy! 
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10) Emeric

Although it's not your traditional name, Emeric stands strong and would suit any baby boy. Of French and German origin, the name means "power."
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11) Montgomery

Whether you go for Montgomery or "Monty" for short, this strong name is of Norman origin meaning "man power".
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12) Rex

Rex is a gorgeous boys name and even though it's simple, it sounds strong. The name is also of Latin origin meaning "King", and what's more powerful than a king?
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13) Zachary

Of Hebrew origin, the name means "the Lord has remembered". Zachary is a strong name that just sounds full of power. 
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14) William

William is a strong name that's also fit for a king. From English origin meaning "resolute protection" the name holds so much power. 
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15) Richmond

Richmond is of German origin meaning "powerful protector". It's also a strong, honourable name that is gauranteed to make a strong impresssion on the register at school when your baby boy grows up. 
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16) Theodore

What's more powerful than Gods gift?. Theodore is a strong name with a powerful meaning of "the gift of God". It's also a popular name that can be shortened to 'Theo' as a nickname. 
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17) Wyatt

Not only is Wyatt a strong name, it's also a cool name for a baby boy. With a meaning of "brave, powerful", the name is known as an English surname, but has become popular for a first name too. 
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18) Maynard

This boys name has a powerful meaning of "hardy, brave, strong". The name is of German origin and Maynard is a strong sounding name that's bound to stand out on any class register. 

If you're looking for a little more inspiration, why not check out our baby name generator?

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