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21 boy names that will be all the rage in 2020

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As 2020 approaches, we're already looking forward to what baby boy names will be a hit with new parents.

Last year was all about old school nicknames (think Buddy and Sonny) and names beginning with 'F' (Freddie and Felix). 

This year, it's all about Uber Vintage (names from at least a century ago) and muted colour hues. 

Curious to what everyone will be naming their newborns in 2020? Here are the top predictions!  

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1) Lucius

Lucius was one of a limited number of forenames used in ancient Rome and it's predicted to have a resurgence in 2020!

Meaning: 'light'. 
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2) Tate

A simple but cute name for either sex (though more commonly used for boys).

Meaning: 'cheerful'.
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3) Austin

The adorable name is of French and Latin origin and perfect for a little boy.

Meaning: 'magnificent'.
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4) Ronnie

Has increased in popularity since cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch named her baby boy Ronnie James George Hinchcliffe. So cute!

Meaning: 'well-advised ruler'.
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5) Rye

An Irish baby name that is predicted to be a hit with new mums, especially as 'baking boom' is one of the big name trends for 2020. 

Meaning: From the Gaelic meaning 'king'.
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6) Tommy

Peaky Blinders fans will recognise that he cute abbreviation of Thomas was used for protagonist Tommy Shelby. 

Meaning: 'twin'. 
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7) Acacius

It seems the trend to revert to once-loved historic names is in full swing as Acacius is tipped to be on the top ten list of names for boys.

Meaning: 'not evil'. 
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8) Rex

Loved by Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash, this playful name has become a popular choice.

Meaning: 'King'. 
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9) Teddy 

An abbreviation of Theodore or Edgar, this traditional name will be everywhere in 2020. 

Meaning: 'wealthy guardian'. 
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10) Cash

Whether it's an ode to Johnny Cash or erm, money, this name will definitely turn heads (in a good way). It's also a shortened version of ancient names Cassius and Cassian,

Meaning: 'Money'.
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11) Arlo

Pronounced AR-loh, this cool moniker is currently the 42nd most popular baby boy name having risen 609 places since 2007. Expect it to rise even higher in 2020.

Meaning: 'fortified hill'. 
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12) Earl

Another emerging baby name trend for 2020 is 'uber vintage' where mums and dads are looking to the previous century for baby name inspiration.

Meaning: 'warrior' or 'nobleman'.
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13) Grey

Muted shades are having a moment and inspiring plenty of baby names, including Grey/Gray. So cute! 

Meaning: 'grey-haired'
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14) Diego

The Spanish form of James, Diego is predicted to be all the rage by Nameberry. 

Meaning: 'supplanter'
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15) Alva

The middle name of Thomas Edison, which is gaining popularity as a sought after boys name. 

Meaning: 'brightness' 
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16) Archie

After Meghan and Harry's bundle of joy, the already-popular royal moniker isn't going anywhere fast. 

Meaning: 'genuine', 'bold' or 'brave' 
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17) Easton

A preppy name which is predicted to hit the top baby boy name list in 2020

Meaning: 'east-facing place'. 
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18) Ash

Short for Asher, this tree-inspired moniker is cute and dependable. 

Meaning: 'happy'. 
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19) Hunter

Typically American, Hunter was a surname simply meaning a huntsman or bird catcher. It's now a popular middle-class boys' name. 

Meaning: 'one who hunts'. 
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20) Arthur

Arthur has become a popular choice recently, especially with Pippa Middleton welcoming her first child, Arthur into the family. 

Meaning: 'noble and courageous'. 
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21) Finn

Finn Shelby is the youngest of the Shelby siblings in Peaky Blinders.

Meaning: 'fair'

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