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15 highly-anticipated baby names that will be everywhere in 2019

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Despite many of us having our heart set on our future baby names since we were small - when it comes down to it, choosing a moniker is no easy task. 

Will they be able to spell it with ease? Will it suit their personality? Will there be 18 others(!) with the same name in their reception class? The questions are enough to leave us anxiety-ridden whilst panic-eating a large bowl of Cheerios.  

Looking ahead to 2019, the trend for choosing comfortably familiar names, with or without a twist, is definitely going to continue. Famous youngsters are also helping some names spike in popularity (Luna and Harper, anyone?) 

Check out the baby names expected to be all the rage next year...

15 highly-anticipated baby names 2019:

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1) Arlo 

Arlo is believed to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon for army, fortified, troops, war and mound or hill,' thereby meaning 'fortified hill.' Arlo is currently the 42nd most popular baby boys name having risen 609 places since 2007.
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2) Aoife

The name Aoife is of Irish Gaelic origin meaning "beautiful, radiant". Several different heroines in Irish legends had this name and in one story, she was the world's fiercest woman warrior.
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3) Austin

Up 104 places since 2007, he name Austin first appeared in England in the Middle Ages from the Latin Augustine, meaning magic dignity, or venerable. 
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4) Aurora

The name Aurora is of Latin origin meaning dawn. Aurora, the poetic name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into the morning dew, this name will make any girl feel like a princess. Aurora is also associated with the scientific term for the Northern Lights.
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5) Dexter

The name Dexter is of ancient Greek origin. It derives from the Greek word "dexiteros", a poetic form of the word "dexios", meaning right-handed, fortunate and skilled. This name might have risen to popularity due to the popular American TV series, Dexter, about a serial killer - charming.
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6) Dottie

The name Dottie is a girl's name of English origin meaning "gift of God". Dottie and Dot are often shortenings of Dorothy and it was most popular in the 1890's.
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7) Harrison 

Harrison first began as a surname, simply meaning Harry's son. However, it is currently the 34th most popular boys name. A notable namesake is the actor Harrison Ford.
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8) Harper

One of the most upward trending names of 2017, Harper must be influenced by the fabulous Beckham's. It can be used for both boys and girls and literally means "harp player". It has climbed from obscurity to 34th in the top 100, having climbed a whopping 1539 places since 2007!
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9) Logan

Logan originates from both the Irish surname which is from the Gaelic 'lagán' meaning a little hollow and the Scottish surname which is derived from a place located near Auchinleck, in Ayrshire. Could Logan be rising in popularity after the famously controversial Youtuber and now amateur boxer, Logan Paul?
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10) Margot

The name Margot is of French origin and means pearl. It is a French pet form of Marguerite which means daisy and it is likely influenced by the popular Australian actress, Margot Robbie.
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11) Noah

The name Noah is most likely derived from the Biblical figure Noah in Hebrew. It originates from the word "nukhu" meaning repose or rest which may explain its links with flood story. Another explanation says that it is derived from the Hebrew root meaning "to comfort". The name might be about to skyrocket after this year a new teen heart throb came on the scene, Noah Centieno.
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12) Winnie

The name Winnie is of English origin meaning holy peacemaking, gentle friend. This is a pet form of Winifred and Edwina and has lots of vintage charm.

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