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The most popular baby names of 2019 so far (and we're surprised!)

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Despite many of us having our heart set on our future baby's name since we were small - when it comes down to it, choosing a moniker is no easy task. 

Will they be able to spell it with ease? Will it suit their personality? Will there be 18 others(!) with the same name in their reception class? The questions are enough to leave us anxiety-ridden whilst panic-eating a large bowl of Cheerios.  

Looking ahead to 2019, the trend for choosing comfortably familiar names, with or without a twist, is definitely going to continue. Famous youngsters are also boosting names' popularity (Luna and Harper, anyone?) 

Check out the most popular baby names so far for 2019, according to Nameberry. 

Popular baby names 2019:


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1) Posie

Means: Pet form of Josephine
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2) Miles

Means: Mild and peaceful
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3) Isla

Means: Island
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4) Jasper

Means: Treasurer
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5) Olivia 

Means: Olive
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6) Atticus

Means: From Attica
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7) Aurora

Means: Dawn
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8) Theodore

Means: God's gift
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9) Maeve

Means: The cause of great joy
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10) Asher

Means: Happy and blessed
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11) Cora

Means: Maiden
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12) Silas

Means: Of the forest
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13) Amara 

Means: Grace or bitter
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14) Jack

Means: Man
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15) Ada 

Means: Nobility
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16) Finn

Means: White or fair
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17) Amelia 

Means: Industrious
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18) Henry

Means: Home and ruler
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19) Charlotte

Means: Petite
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20) Felix

Means: Happy

The list is based on research conducted by Nameberry. The said: "We calculate our popularity list based on which names attracted the most of the 11 million views of our name pages so far this year."

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