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33 perfectly-matched twin baby names (and their meanings!)

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Choosing a baby name for your little bundle of joy is not always easy, so when you're expecting two precious little ones it can become even harder!

You might have fallen in love with a name already, but struggling to pick another name that goes with it.

To help take a bit of stress away from the doubling up on tiny clothes and furniture, we've found the best 12 twin names that go perfectly together.

Twin names that go perfectly together:

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1) Ava and Belle

These gorgeous names  literally mean "Beautiful life" when together. Belle is a short form of the French name Isabelle, meaning "beautiful". The name Ava is thought to be of Latin origin and has the meaning "life". 
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2) Teddy and Evelyn

Evelyn comes from the French name "Aveline" and means "wished for child". Teddy is often the nickname of "Edward" but makes a lovely name on it's own, and has the meaning "wealthy guardian". We think this pairing is adorable! 
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3) Louie and Albie

These twin names give a royal feeling, with Louie meaning "renowned warrior" and Albie being a modern variation of the name "Albert", meaning "noble, bright".
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4) Freya and Evie

How cute are these twin girl names? Freya is the name of the old Norse goddess of love, and means "noble woman". Evie has a Hebrew origin meaning "life".
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5) Ellie and Ethan

In Hebrew, Ethan means "strong, firm" and is a timeless name for a strong baby boy. Ellie is a dainty little girls name, meaning "bright shining one". These twins will definitely compliment each other! 
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6) Mason and Ollie

Mason is a popular boys name meanig "worker in stone". It's a strong little name that goes lovely with a twin brother named Ollie, which is Latin for "olive tree".
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7) Penelope and Poppy

These pretty names will be lovely for any twin girls! Penelope is of Greek origin meaning "weaver" and is a classic name. Poppy is of Latin origin and takes it's name from the red flower. 
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8) Ava and Arlo

Ava makes an adorable name to be paired with, meaning "Life". The name Arlo means "free man".
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9) Romeo and Leo

These gorgeous twin boy names have a similar ending and are lovely together. Romeo can be shortened to "Rome" for a cute nickname, which is also it's Italian origin name meaning. Leo is of Latin origin and means "lion". We love how fierce these names are together! 
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10) Ada and Isla

Ada and Isla sound lovely together, and are simple yet beautiful twin girl names. Ada is of German origin meaning "noble" and Isla is of Spanish origin meaning "Island". 
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11) Freddie and Elsie

Freddie is a much loved nickname of the name "Fredrick", but it is fast becoming a popular baby boys name, with the name meaning "peaceful ruler". Elsie is also a popular nickname for the name "Elizabeth" and means "pledged to God". Freddie and Elsie are gorgeous twin names, but if you want more traditional names, why not go for Fredrick and Elizabeth?
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12) Harrison and Jackson

Both these names are from Enlgish origin and can both be shortened to "Harry and Jack". Harrison's name meaning is "son of Harry" and Jackson's name meaning is "son of Jack". How sweet!

Want some more inspiration? Here is a list of top twin names for girls, boys and one of each, plus their name meanings!

Twin girls names

1) Faith and Hope

Meaning: These classic names could be perfect for your twin girls, and are both virtuous names, literally meaning 'faith and hope". 

2) Bluebell and Ivy

Meaning: Bluebell and Ivy are both flower baby names and also takes inspiration from Beyonce, who named her first daughter Blue Ivy. Bluebells are a symbol of gratitude, while "Ivy" is a symbol of "faithfulness" and "eternity".

3) Heaven and Nevaeh

Meaning: Heaven is a quirky little girls name that literally means "heaven", while Nevaeh is a modern name that came from spelling heaven backwards. How cute are they for girl twins! 

4) Erin and Arya

Meaning: Erin is of Irish origin meaning "from the island to the west", while Arya means "noble". These strong names will suit any girl, and if you're a fan of Game of Thrones the names fit well together as character Arya plans to travel to the 'West'. 

5) Hallie and Annie

Meaning: These gorgeous girl names become a lovely pair after the movie "Parent Trap". Annie is an English name meaning "grace" and Hallie comes from the English surname meaning "dweller at the hall meadow".

6) Delilah and Grace

Meaning: Delilah is of Hebrew origin meaning "delight", perfect for your delightful baby girl! Paired with the name Grace, these names are gorgeous together, with Grace being a and English virtue name. 

7) Emily and Ashley

Meaning: Meaning "rival", Emily is actually a sweet girls name. Ashley is often used as a "little sister" name and means "dweller near the ash tree meadow". 

Twin boys names

1) Evan and Owen

Meaning: Both names are of Welsh origin, with Evan meaning "the Lord is gracious" and Owen meaning "young warrior: well-born".

2) Cole and Dylan

Meaning: We might have taken some inspiration from the famous twins who played Disney's Zach and Cody, (another twin-name choice?), but they are a lovely name choice. Cole has the meaning "swarthy, coal black". Dylan is of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea".  

3) Xavier and Lysander

Meaning: These unique names sound very strong. Lysander is of Greek origin meaning "liberator" while Xavier is of Arabic origin meaning "new house or bright". 

4) Noah and Hunter

Meaning: Noah and Hunter are two names that balance each other perfectly. Noah means "wandering" and is of Hebrew origin, and Hunter has the meaning "one who hunts". Although they don't look like names that go together, the endings both sound very similar, with an "er" sounding. 

5) Ryan and Oscar

Meaning: These names are fit for a pair of little kings. With both names coming from Irish origin, Ryan means "little king" and Oscar means "champion warrior". They're lovely names for a fearless duo! 

6) Jonah and Jovi

Meaning: Jonah is a biblical name that isn't as popular as Joshua or Jacob, so it might be ideal for you! With a Hebrew origin, the name means "dove". Jovi has Latin origin which comes from the name "Jovan" meaning "majestic". 

7) Blake and Finley

Meaning: Both these names have the same meaning, "fair" and would be ideal names for two little boys! 

Twin girl and boy names

1) Molly and Matthew 

Meaning: Matthew has Hebrew origins and means "gift of god" and would make a lovely name for a little boy. Molly is also a lovely name that sounds adorable alongside Matthew! Molly has a name meaning of "bitter". 

2) Jade and Rocco

Meaning: A jade is a precious green stone that would be perfect for your precious baby girl! The stone is said to aid wisdom, courage and modesty. Imagine baby Jade with a twin brother named Rocco, meaning "rest" these names sound lovely together! 

3) Ella and Elijah 

Meaning: Ella has a lovely name meaning, "beautiful fairy woman". Elijah is of Hebrew origin meaning "is God". The names together give you an image of God and an angel. How perfect for your little ones! 

4) Amber and Ash

Meaning: These nature-inspired names are the perfect duo for a twin boy and girl. Amber takes its name from the amber jewel, and Ash takes its name meaning from the "ash tree". 

5) Alice and Charlie

Meaning: These sweet names are lovely for twins. Alice is of German origin meaning "noble" and is a strong sounding name. Charlie is also a strong name that sounds very sweet, with English origin meaning "free man".  

6) Sonny and Mona

Meaning: Sonny and Mona almost sound like the sun and moon and these two make a perfect match! The name Sonny has the meaning of "son" while Mona is of Irish origin meaning "noble good". 

7) Luke and Leia 

Meaning: You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to know these names. Luke and Leia are very popular for twins, with Luke sounding very cool and meaning "man of Lucania" and Leah meaning "lion" from its Hindi origin. 

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