30 long baby names for boys and girls

by Samantha Ball |

If one or two syllables simply aren’t enough for your baby’s name, we have picked some of our favourite long baby names for you to consider.

Sometimes short names can be just that, too short, and you might want to give your a little one a little nickname while they're growing up - and let's face it, you can't shorten a name like Ava or Leo. So if a longer name is something you prefer, we've picked out favourite long names that you'll love too. And they should be pretty easy to shorten, too, so whether you like Eve, Monty, or Alex, there’s a name for you on the list!

Long baby names

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1) Anastasia

From Greek origin meaning "resurrection", Anastasia is a beautiful name that can even be shortened to "Ana" for a cute nickname.

Whether you’re having a baby girl or baby boy, we have lots of name ideas for you to add to your shortlist. From unique baby girl names to vintage baby names and even Disney-inspired baby names, you’ll be sure to find a name to suit your new little one.

We also have a baby name generator to give you more inspiration!

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