An expert reveals the three baby name trends for 2020

by Aimee Jakes |

Baby names are constantly evolving and monikers that were once loved can easily find themselves on the 'names going extinct' round-up years later (cough, Gary).

2019 saw us name our little ones after rare gems, 'oo' sounds and the letter 'F'.

Despite 'Jack' and 'Olivia' never being far from the top spot, there is a whole lot of newness for 2020.

SJ Strum, ChannelMum’s baby names expert told the HuffPost that there are likely to be three big new baby name trends for 2020.

Yep, apparently our supermarket shopping list and the 1920's will influence future baby name decisions...

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1) Muted shades

“Forget the bright primary colour trends like Blue and Scarlett, next year is all about muted shades with names like Sage and Ivory,” Strum told the HuffPost. “These gentle names work well with most surnames and have a dreamy quality many mums and dads love.”

Stand-out names 2020: Ivory, Gray, Dove, Pearl, Olive, Lavender, Peach

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