Here are the worst baby names ever, according to Reddit

by Tara Lepore |

Abcde? No, we're not just stuck on how to begin writing this article - Abcde is an actual baby name that caused lots of controversy on parenting site Netmums earlier this year.

It turns out, there were six little Abcde’s born in America last year (pronounced Ab-si-dee), according to a worst baby name list compiled by the US’s Social Security Administration.

If you thought these unusual baby names were a little out there, you won't believe the rest of the list detailing the names of US-born babies in 2017. Eureka! No, not more writing inspiration, but the name of seven girls born in the US last year. Twelve girls and six boys were called… wait for it. Espn. Yes. Like the sports channel. If you think a name like that would make you sound like a bit of a, well, lemon - there were 25 little Lemons in America born last year too.

We found some very imaginative ones on the thread 'What's the worst baby name you've ever come across?' on Reddit, including Lovely and Exhilariance.

We're not sure if any of those would be our first choice either, but check out the gallery for the rest of the hilarious (but head-scratching) list below.

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1) Kingslayer
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1) Kingslayer

We thought we'd start this off with a big one. One added to the thread saying that they knew someone called Kingslayer.

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