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Here are the worst baby names ever, according to Reddit

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Abcde? No, we're not just stuck on how to begin writing this article - Abcde is an actual baby name that caused lots of controversy on parenting site Netmums earlier this year.

It turns out, there were six little Abcde’s born in America last year (pronounced Ab-si-dee), according to a worst baby name list compiled by the US’s Social Security Administration.

If you thought these unusual baby names were a little out there, you won't believe the rest of the list detailing the names of US-born babies in 2017. Eureka! No, not more writing inspiration, but the name of seven girls born in the US last year. Twelve girls and six boys were called… wait for it. Espn. Yes. Like the sports channel. If you think a name like that would make you sound like a bit of a, well, lemon - there were 25 little Lemons in America born last year too. 

We found some very imaginative ones on the thread 'What's the worst baby name you've ever come across?' on Reddit, including Lovely and Exhilariance. 

We're not sure if any of those would be our first choice either, but check out the gallery for the rest of the hilarious (but head-scratching) list below. 

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1) Kingslayer

We thought we'd start this off with a big one. One added to the thread saying that they knew someone called Kingslayer. 
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2) Echo

Echo has actually been a popular name for some time now, so we weren't even too surprised with this one! 
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3) Diesel

One wrote: "Diesel Duramax. I wish I was kidding." 
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4) Vulva

A fan of lady body parts? One contributed to the thread and said: "Vulva. My Obstetrician told me this one. She tried to talk the woman out of it. Apparently her English wasn't great, she read it somewhere and thought it was beautiful. So there's a little girl named Vulva somewhere in the Bay Area." 
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5) Furious

Now you would definitely stand out in the class with this name. They wrote: "Furious. His first name was Furious."
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6) Strawberry Rain

Another commented: "My coworker named her baby "Strawberry Rain". Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo."
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7) Polo

Someone else confirmed that they chose to be a bit extra by calling their boy Polo. 
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8) Jessipher

A fashionable blend of the two names Jessica and Jennifer, making Jessipher. They commented: "Jessipher. And Jennica. Both Jessica/Jennifer combos. Both awful."
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9) Anakin

They must have been Star Wars fans of Obi-Wan and Yoda. Someone revealed: "Pestilence. Dunno what was going through their mind, but I have a strong guess what was going through their bloodstream.

Also, two brothers named Anakin and Kylo. Waiting for that last one to become a self-fulfilling prophecy." 
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10) Meme

"Hi my name is Meme." It's officially happened!

One user commented on the trend: "I knew an Asian girl in school named Meme.

This caused much confusion, and in yearbooks, the school often shortened it to "Me".

And this was before actual memes were a thing, and she pronounces it "Me-Me", so I can only imagine the amount of confusion that poor girl has endured by now." 
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11) Rhythm

A teacher revealed he had taught a boy called Rhythm.
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12) Placenta

Following the trend of naming your child after a body part, we have someone called Placenta. One user replied to the comment saying: "Sure it was the actual baby and not the other part she's given birth to..." 
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13) Lyric

Maybe they're being born into a family of singers? We also found another musically related name, Lyric: "I was in a play with a boy named Lyric once. He was a wolfkin furry. (Not in the play, either)" 
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14) Literacy

Got any favourites so far? Well read this. Another commented: "Where I work I come across a lot of children's names. Some of my favorites are: Thunderspazzing, Future Success (first and middle name), Dysenteria, Litracy, Miss, Beautiful Safari (first and middle name), Sheaaaron, and soooo many more." 
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15) Jack Daniels

Sure, name your child after your favourite spirit. One user told the thread: "My cousin named her son Jack Daniels :(" to which someone replied: "I have a friend called Jackie Danielle. Not sure if it's worse or better." 
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16) Sunny D

Or your favourite fruit juice drink? We think this could work with either a boy or a girl actually! 
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17) Jacuzzi

A bit of a spin on the name Jack, we present you, Jacuzzi. 
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18) Crystal Shining Waters

The same user who revealed the name Sunny D, gave a list of her favourite names she's come across while being a post partum nurse for 20 years. Her favourites were: "Sunny D, Crystal Shining Waters & her twin brother Blue Clear Waters, Mistidawn, and last but not least Exhilarence." 
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19) Satan

"Satan. Literally named Satan. We didn't believe it so grilled him about it and he either an excellent liar or his parents named him Satan." Did they have a bad day?! 
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20) Mistidawn

This gives us all the unicorn and sparkle vibes. 
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21) Exhilarance

It looks like someone called their child after the feeling of excitement. Take it as a compliment I guess?
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22) Lovely

"Aww, she's so lovely!" Yes, she is. But it gets better... one shared their story: "We were at an appointment for my GF when she was pregnant. Some family came in and called this little girl Lovely Autumn Breeze. That was definitely a strange one."
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23) Bunny

Last but not least, another name which could be for a boy or a girl. They said: "My friend has a baby called Bunny, he's a boy!" One replied to their comment and said: "Could introduce himself as ''bonnie'' though." True. 

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