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21 of the most mind-boggling baby names parents picked in 2017

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Abcde? No, we're not just stuck on how to begin writing this article - Abcde is an actual baby name that caused lots of controversy on parenting site Netmums earlier this year. What do you think?

It turns out, there were six little Abcde’s born in America last year (pronounced Ab-si-dee), according to a worst baby name list compiled by the US’s Social Security Administration.

If you thought these unusual baby names were a little out there, you won't believe the rest of the list detailing the names of US-born babies in 2017. Eureka! No, not more writing inspiration, but the name of seven girls born in the US last year. Twelve girls and six boys were called… wait for it. Espn. Yes. Like the sports channel. If you think a name like that would make you sound like a bit of a, well, lemon - there were 25 little Lemons in America born last year too. 

We're not sure if any of those would be our first choice either, but check out the gallery for the rest of the hilarious (but head-scratching) list below. 

21 of the worst baby names 2017

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Yes, moo, as in the noise a cow makes. Seven girls and six boys in the US were named Moo in 2017. 
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There's enjoying an ice cold Fanta by the pool, and then there's the 24 sets of parents who each named their daughter Fanta last year. No words.
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Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's - oh wait, it is Maybelline. No maybe about it - 20 girls were named after this beauty brand last year. 
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There were 141 more Teslas in America as of last year - nope, not new cars, but 130 newborn girls and 11 newborn boys. 
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The Evian babies on the ad inspired 10 actual Evian babies in 2017. All boys. 
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Like a comfortable pair of jeans, Denim was a strangely popular choice among parents last year. 141 boys and 53 girls were named after the durable fabric. 
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Nine girls were given the royal treatment with this namesake. The mispelled version - Dutchess - went to 11 girls. 
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This common carp was almost equally common between boys and girls last year - 26 boys and 25 girls will carry this name with them forevermore. 
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The 17 boys called Havoc last year will likely be causing more havoc in a couple of years when they reach their tantrum stage. 
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'I'm Furious!' will take on a whole new meaning for the 10 children who'll take this name with them for the rest of their lives. 
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Slayer. Six boys. Need we say more. 
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Fifty one girls were named Isis last year. Yes, we know the name originally derives from mythology, but it's still likely to carry negative connotations.  
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Like Cheryl and Liam's Bear, this one is quite cute. For a baby. Paw thing. 
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'Any ideas for a name?' 'Give me a sec. Eureka!' 'That'll do.' Seven girls in 2017 were named this way. 
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Does what it says on the tin. Eight babyboys were called Babyboy last year. 
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See previous. Seven babygirls were named Babygirl in 2017. 
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Six boys. Nope, us neither. 
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From mythology, but also a popular American website. Twenty seven girls were called this last year. 
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As in Stalin. Seven boys were called this in 2017. 
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Ten girls were called Yoyo last year. Yoyay or yonay?
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Let's hope the 25 girls who were called Lemon last year don't have the surname Drizzle, Cake or Meringue. Just saying. 

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