How safe are amber teething necklaces?

baby with amber teething necklace

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The teething years can be extremely painful for your little one, and as a parent, you want to do anything you can to soothe their pain.

While you’ve probably tried giving them Calpol or teething gel, you might not be so familiar with amber teething necklaces.

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These necklaces are used as teething necklaces and are made of Baltic amber. The idea is that when a baby wears the necklace, their body heat triggers the release of a tiny amount of oil containing succinic acid, which is absorbed into the bloodstream, without them having to chew on anything or put it into their mouth. When the oil is absorbed, some say, it has a pain-relieving effect on swollen and sore gums.

However, amber teething necklaces are a bad idea. According to experts, they’re not safe and don’t even work!

Not only has there been no scientific study to suggest the effects of amber works, it has also been claimed that the succinic acid can only be released from amber when it is heated to about 200 degrees Celsius.

What are the risks?

Wearing a necklace or choker poses a risk of strangulation, and it’s never recommended that you put anything around an infant’s neck – that goes for any sort of jewellery. And not only is there a risk of strangulation from the necklace, there is also a risk that you baby will chew on the beads and potentially choke on one.

What do real mums think?

Here's what the mums from #mumtribe thought of amber teething necklaces...

Aurora Quaglierini: A friend of mine who's an expert in stones told me that amber needs to be in contact with the part of the body that needs healing, so if you are not using a necklace, it won't help on teething. I've used an amber necklace on my baby since he was 3 and he never had fever or anything while teething if not some discomfort that I noticed because he bites on everything. I'm not sure if it's because of the necklace or not tho!

Ann Dowlan: Personally I wouldn't want any jewellery on a child under 3 years. I've got friends that have used Amber beads and friends that haven't. I had a friend that was never aware of a single tooth coming in of her son's until she saw it and she used absolutely nothing - I have to say I avoided her when my daughter was having a bad teething episode (jammy wotsit!). Personally I'd spend my money on a bottle of anbesol liquid and infant paracetamol. All little ones are different and respond differently to teething.

Vicky Fernandes: Officially amber has no real pain healing properties. However, I know a lot of people who swear by it, so I don’t think the fact that it’s possibly a bit out there really matters.

Alternative teething remedies that really work 

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1) Cold

To numb your baby’s gums, give her a teether that’s been chilled in the fridge for half an hour. Or if she’s over six months, offer her some cold water in a cup. Depending on her age, feed her chilled fruit purées or pop a chunk of frozen banana or plums in a baby feeder mesh bag for her to gnaw on safely.

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