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As an expectant or new parent you’ll have a shopping list the length of your arm, but what item is more important than your baby’s nappy?

It’s no secret that having a child is an expensive adventure, so value will be at the top of lots of parents’ minds and you’ll be getting through a LOT of nappies. In fact, your baby will go through around 10 a day and they’ve got an extremely important job to do – keeping your baby dry and protecting them (and you/your soft furnishings) from nightmare leaks! You’ll therefore need to choose a newborn-specific nappy range to offer your baby the best protection, but also one that won’t break the bank.

Lucky for you, the Mother & Baby Awards celebrate the very best products, stores and brands around and our mummy product testers put hundreds of products through their paces to decide who deserves to win the coveted gold, silver and bronze rosettes. And if you’re in a spin over what nappy range to select, we’ve done the hard work for you as we’ve crowned Asda Little Angels Newborn Nappies our 2021 Mother & Baby Awards Best Value Disposable Nappy Range Gold Winner!

As our product testers found, good value doesn’t mean you’re short-changed on quality as they also chose Asda Little Angels Newborn Nappies as their Best Performance Disposable Nappy Range Silver Award Winner! Asda Little Angels’ dedicated Newborn Nappy Range is designed to ensure your new bundle of joy is comfortable, safe, dry and as happy as can be.


Check out some of the amazing features our product testers loved:

**“The price is excellent, the quality of the product is great, I love that the product is super sensitive for my baby's skin and takes away any wetness straight away. – Kelly, 2021 M&B Awards product tester
**Newborn skin is super sensitive so you want a nappy that is soft against baby’s delicate skin. Asda Little Angels are the first supermarket own-label nappy brand to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

“This nappy certainly makes my life easier by several factors. This nappy does not leak. I can go out with confidence every day knowing that the nappy is secure and super absorbent.” – Carley, 2021 M&B Awards product testerLittle Angels nappies feature Innovative SmartFlo™ absorbency which enables moisture to be absorbed quickly and evenly across the core of the nappy for extra comfort, day and night.

“These nappies have been completely leak free for us (so far!) and fit really well. They have caused no nappy rash or skin irritation for our newborn. We also found the wetness indicator very useful.” – Heather, 2021 M&B Awards product tester
A wetness indicator which changes from yellow to blue when wet allows you to check if baby needs changing without removing their nappy, which means no need to disturb naps!

“The Little Angels nappies fitted my daughter perfectly around her legs compared to other supermarket nappies we had tried. They held in even the most explosive of poos, which made our life as first time parents much easier.” – Laura, 2021 M&B Awards product tester Little Angels nappies have super-stretchy waist elastic to help prevent dreaded poonamis from sneaking up their backs! A secure flexi-fit waistband and gently elasticated leg cuffs ensure that messes are contained safely within the nappy.

“I have been really impressed with the shape of the nappies, especially the contoured design for around the umbilical cord, as well as the fit around the leg.” – Laura, 2021 M&B Awards product tester
For the first couple of weeks your baby has added sensitivity around the umbilical cord. Little Angels Newborn Nappies have a special contoured design to prevent umbilical irritation, ensuring they’re kind to baby’s tummy.

“The size up guide was also really useful, have only ever gone by the weight. For that price, an incredible product.” – Naushaba, 2021 M&B Awards product tester
Often, the main cause of dreaded leaks is being in the wrong size nappy. Little Angels Nappies have a handy guide to help you identify when it’s time to go up a size – simply check that the sticky tabs still fasten over the coloured line and if they don’t then it’s time to size-up. Easy!

“This product makes my life easier as a mum because they are extremely affordable and really good value for money.” – Beth, 2021 M&B Awards product tester
Asda Little Angels nappies start at only £1.05 per pack and affordable jumbo packs allow you to stock up at everyday great value. Also, as its impossible to know what size nappy your baby will need, Asda is happy to refund or exchange any unopened bag of Little Angels Newborn nappies.

Check out the Asda Little Angels Newborn Nappy Range here.

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