How To Dress A Newborn

by Mother & Baby Team |

Your baby’s so teeny and delicate, dressing him can seem a bit scary. Shake your fear and get him dressed as cute as button

Think comfort

Comfort is crucial for your newborn. Choose clothes that are 100% cotton or bamboo, as synthetic fibres can cause clamminess and wool can irritate his sensitive skin.

Shop wisely

Babies grow very quickly, so don’t go mad and buy loads of newborn outfits. Sizes can vary between brands so choose clothes by weight and height, rather than by age.

Prepare his wardrobe

As a rough guide, your newborn will need six vests, six babygros, three sleepsuits, two hats, a weather-appropriate all-in-one and a few pairs of socks.

Avoid fussy details

Look for babygros that button at the front and tops with envelope necks – they’ll make dressing your baby much easier. Resist being tempted by cute clothes that you know will be stressful to get on and off.

Keep him warm with layers

Your baby needs to be kept warm, so dress him in layers that you can easily add to or remove. The basic rule is that newborns should wear one more layer than you, so keep a spare top and blanket in your changingbag when you go out.

Stay calm

Your baby might find being undressed upsetting, so be quick and calm – talk or sing to distract him. If you suspect he’s hungry, feed him before you start.


You may find it easier to lay your baby on your lap while you put the top half of an outfit on. Then place him on a changing mat to dress his bottom half. Experiment in the early days to find out what works for you and your baby.

Support your baby’s head

To put a vest on your baby, support his head and put it on from the back. As you carefully pull the front down, make sure the material doesn’t touch his face.

Choose simple sleepsuits

When it comes to bedtime, unbutton your baby’s sleepsuit and lay him on it. Gently place his arms and legs in the holes and do up the poppers. Go for simple designs that you can button up easily when you’re half asleep during those middle-of-the-night changes.

Protect his skin

Your baby’s clothes can be washed with the rest of the laundry, but be aware that strong detergents could irritate his skin. Consider switching to a non-biological version.

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