Luxury Hooded Panda Towel & Face Cloth Set Review

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by Mother & Baby |

Luxury Hooded Panda Towel & Face Cloth at a glance: 

This hooded panda towel and face cloth are incredibly soft and comfortable. Our panel of mum testers loved how easily it wraps around your baby, how well it washed and how gentle the material is.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Carlene: This hooded towel is a lovely big size and wraps around a baby very well. my toddler has also been caught with it on too. The softness of the towel is lovely too and feels lovely and soft on my skin too so it must be nice on the baby too . The drying after bath time is so much easier and quicker now too. I love that to covers from head to toe.

Danielle: Now my little guy is over one and a little chunkier, normal baby towels just don’t fit or cover him properly so after bath time I end up drenched. Since having the panda towel for bath times he is completely covered, the bamboo cloth fabric is so soft and gentle on his skin and absorbs the water with ease. This towel also fits my 5 year old in comfortably with extra room for them to grow.

Monica: This is a lovely absorbent towel, that is such a good size that it lasts for years rather than months - which for me is a huge selling point in the times we’re living in, when trying to have less of a throwaway/fast fashion culture. Both the towel and flannel wash well, and dry quickly which is also very helpful, as anyone with a baby or child knows that there is always more washing to be done. The design is lovely (we have the panda) and my little one really likes it - I have seen the other design and both are unisex which is nice - if you have more than one child then it could be passed down as well.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Laura: It's a good fit and will fit either a baby or a small child. Regular baby towels are often too small when the baby is older than 6 months and so this fits nicely for post-bath cuddles. It's also great for using after the paddling pool too. It washes and dries well and is really soft against delicate skin.

Danielle: I would recommend this is any fellow mum, because of the sizing alone. It is perfect for all newborns right up to children and it could easily fit a child 5/6 maybe ever older children who are on the smaller side. Although the price seems a bit expensive it definitely is an investment, and one which will be worth it. The product washes beautifully and doesn’t effect the quality of the product, and each use it is soft against babies skin.

Monica: It is ideal because it is so absorbent, fast drying, soft for baby’s sensitive skin and also lasts properly. So many towels are rough, but this is so soft which is important, particularly for the littlest of our families. It’s also beautifully packaged, so would make an ideal gift for another parent. I love that it is designed to last - for me that’s a huge selling point.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura: The softness is really nice, very snuggly as an adult! After washing it stays soft too, doesn't go crispy like other towels! The size is good, comparable with other toddler sized towels on the market, but great it comes with a matching wash cloth too (also as soft). The design is attractive yet neutral and the edges are piped in a nice striped binding which lifts the design. I think I'd choose this for the softness in a shop, but I was happy it dried quickly and washed well too.

Ellie: Yes, I would choose this product above all others on the market. If I was looking to purchase another hooded towel set then this is the set I would buy. This is particularly due to the softness of the material, which is great for my son's sensitive skin, and the larger than average size of the towel.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachel: I do love the design of this product, however if the business was trying to be ‘luxury’ I think the monochrome trim round the outside could be changed. More muted colours may be seen to be more luxurious, and the panda face (cute as he is) could be softened a bit. Similarly the packaging could be in recycled card to match the sustainable selling point of the towel :)

Monica: The only thing I would change is the fact that Amazon stock it, which I appreciate isn’t directly about the towel and face cloth itself. I personally wouldn’t shop at Amazon, especially for an ethical small business product, because I believe them to be an unethical company. The towel and face cloth themselves I can’t think of anything to improve them and love both designs.

Ellie: I can't think of anything that I would wish to change about this product. As a toddler towel set it performs a very simple role but does so very well and I much prefer this to similar items that I own. It is well designed, materials are good quality, and I would definitely choose to buy this item again.