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Welcome to the parenting world, M&S!

Today marks the launch of M&S’ exciting new baby range, Little Smiles. We’ve had a sneak peek -  which includes everything from nappies and nappy pants, to wipes, creams and bath time products – and put it through our Tried&Tested panel to see how it stacks up.

Other products in this exciting new range include:

  • Little Smiles 64 Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, RRP £1.00

  • Little Smiles Cotton Wool Pleats, RRP £1.10

  • Little Smiles Large Cotton Wool Balls, RRP £1.00

  • Little Smile Large Cleansing Pads, RRP £2.00

  • Little Smiles All Over Baby Cream, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Calming Bubble Bath, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Soothing Body Lotion, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner, RRP £2.50

  • Little Smiles Gentle Top to Toe Wash, RRP £2.50

While you can pop into any M&S to purchase, below we take a look at the new nappies, available in six sizes, ranging from £2-3.

Take a look at what the Mother&Baby parent testers thought here:

Were the M&S Little Smiles nappies gentle on your baby’s skin?

Lauren Pearce: "Yes, they were really soft particularly around the waist."

Annique Jeffrey: "Yes, the nappies were very gentle on my baby's skin and they were very soft to the touch, which was quite nice."

Amanda McShane: "As far as I can tell they were very gentle on my daughters' skin. She didn't have any irritations from them."

Did the M&S Little Smiles nappies help contain leaks?

Amy Goddard: "Yes - we didn’t have any leaks at all. They lasted 13 hours overnight and my baby sleeps on tummy which usually causes problems for leaks."

Annique Jeffrey: "Yes, the nappies helped to contain leaks. We didn't have any 'breaches' as we like to call it in my household."

Georgina Skinner: "Out of the 18 nappies we used from the 24 pack, we only had 1 leak and that was during the night. We typically change the baby before every feed (2-3 hours) or whenever the baby shows signs of needing to be changed."

How absorbent were the M&S Little Smiles nappies?

Amy Goddard: "They were very absorbent. They lasted 13 hours overnight."

Rebecca Martin: "Great absorbency, I didn't need to change her any more regularly than her premium brand nappies."

Sharna Clark: "They have been very absorbent and the indicator line is very clear when the baby has weed."

How comfortable was the fit, and were they easy to use?

Charlotte Rowe: "Very comfortable and easy to secure with tape fastening although, a wetness indicator would help to allow people to know when the nappy needed changing."

Amy Goddard: "The nappies looked comfortable, my baby didn’t show any signs of distress or discomfort. There were no markings when the nappies were removed and no leaks so no suggestions of ill-fitting."

Karen Staniforth: "These nappies seemed to fit very well, good sizing and very easy to use.

What did you think of the quality of the M&S Little Smiles nappies?

Lauren Pearce: "They seem to be very good quality. I particularly noticed how soft and stretchy they were. They were absorbent without being too bulky. My 20-month-old daughter was also a fan of the star design!"

Amy Goddard: "I was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the nappies."

Karen Staniforth: "I thought the quality was very good, nice and soft and thin."

Would you recommend the M&S Little Smiles nappies to a friend?

Georgina Skinner: "Most definitely. Dependent on price, we would consider using these throughout the size range."

Karen Staniforth: "Yes, I would recommend these nappies to my friends."

Rebecca Martin: "I would highly recommend these nappies to friends and family, we have been very impressed and enjoyed using them."

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