The benefits of a milk bath for baby


by Lorna White |

There are so many benefits to bathing your baby in a milk bath. Not only is it nourishing for their delicate skin, it can also be beneficial for fighting infections.

What is a baby milk bath?

Just to clarify, we're not asking you to fill the tub with warm cow's milk - milk bath's for babies is where you simply add some of your breast milk to their bath water.

Bathing in breast milk has many benefits which we'll go on to explain.

How to make a milk bath for baby

Firstly, fill your baby's bath as you usually would with lukewarm water. Now add 150–300 ml of breast milk so that the bath appears cloudy or milky in colour.

Now let your baby soak in the water for around 5-15 mins. Make an effort to pour the water over your baby's body, before taking them out and patting them dry.

Before dressing them, it's a good idea to grab some gentle moisturiser and give them a baby massage to help lock in all that goodness.

What are the benefits of a baby milk bath?

We already know the benefits of breastmilk when it comes to feeding our little ones, but did you know it can be beneficial on the outside too? All the nutrients, vitamins and good fats found in our breast milk can help heal our baby's delicate skin.

That's why breast milk baths for baby's are great for baby's suffering from eczema. One study even found that breast milk was just as effective as hydrocortisone when it comes to treating mild cases of eczema. Read how this worked for one mum and her baby here.

Breast milk baths can also help relieve other common skin problems suffered by many baby's including acne, nappy rash, insect bites and any minor cuts they may have.

It can also benefit us mums too! Rubbing a little drop of your breast milk into sore and cracked nipples can help to sooth them.

How often should I give a baby milk bath?

Firstly, this depends on your milk supply. If you're concerned a milk bath might use up too much of your breast milk, there's no pressure to do more than one or two per month. However, if you have a good milk supply and you think this could really benefit your baby's skin, once or twice a week is ideal.

What breast milk should I use for the bath?

Some mums prefer to pump some extra breast milk when expressing with milk baths in mind. It's also perfectly fine to use frozen breast milk in these baths too, just as long as you defrost it before bath time. You can also use any expired milk (as long as it smells ok), so it's a great way to use up any expired milk and not throw it away.

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