6 common myths about reusable nappies

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Reusable nappies have been widely discussed in recent years as part of an ongoing debate around single-use plastics and the negative effect of disposable baby products on the environment.

Compared to the 1990s where only 2% of parents were using reusable nappies, over 30% of parents now use reusable baby products, showing that the demand for reusable and sustainable baby products growing at a rapid rate and shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite the popularity of reusable nappies growing, age-old myths continue to arise and form incorrect perceptions that need to be put to bed.

Bambino Mio share the key myths and truths about reusable nappies.

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MYTH 1) "More expensive than disposables"

The upfront cost is more but reusable nappies work out significantly cheaper in the long run.

Babies go through approximately 3,000 disposables per year – approximately only 15 reusable nappies are needed to use full-time so the cost of disposables considerably outweighs reusables.

Consumers can save up to £700 when using reusable nappies and can save even more when the products are used on a second child.

Part-time use can even help you see some financial savings.

The statistics

  • 8 million disposable nappies are thrown into landfill every day in the UK. That’s 3 billion a year!

  • 6,000 tonnes of disposable nappies are thrown away around the world every day.

  • 500 years is how long it can take for just one disposable nappy to decompose.

  • By switching to just one reusable nappy per day, you can prevent approximately 912 disposables going to landfill every year.

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