SoftBrush by Brush-Baby Review

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SoftBrush by Brush-Baby at a glance: 

With natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties, this soft brush is set to make your baby's toothbrush routine a breeze. What they say "The 6000 ultra-soft silky bristles are 10 times thinner than any other toothbrush bristles, making them extremely soft and gentle on tender teething gums." It is supplied as a double pack and parents can choose between three colours - pink, blue and teal.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

**Carlene:** It’s a small toothbrush two pack I gave one to baby to hold and I used the other brush to do their teeth. The toothpaste is good quality too with a lovely apple mint smell to it too you can use it from birth to three years old too. The product doesn’t make it quicker as it’s teeth brushing and it’s normal 2 minutes.

Amy: The product is good as it means that the teeth are being cleaned when the baby is chewing on the brush. Makes it easier as you don’t need to try and brush the teeth in the conventional sense which can be difficult. My daughter liked chewing on the brush too which made things easier and tooth brushing a much more enjoyable experience.

Fiona: This product was great to use as part of the bathtime routine. The fact that my daughter loved using the toothbrush so much made that part of the evening easier, more fun and less of a chore. She has recently got the hang of using the toothbrush herself much more effectively and I think the toothbrush helped, as it was very easy for her to handle. On days where it's a struggle to get her to cooperate, I feel that the compact size of the head helps me quickly get into the trickiest of spots!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Carlene: I would recommend this brush baby soft brush toothpaste and toothbrush set to other mums as it’s easy to use and is a good set for the money too. The toothbrushes are easy to hold for younger children and parents too. The brush heads are amazingly soft and delicate and a nice size making it easy to get into my child’s mouth.

Fiona: The bristles on this brush are lovely and soft to the feel, compared to other brushes that I've tried. My daughter isn't teething anymore but I think this brush is ideal for using on sensitive gums. It's still relatively firm so you can still use pressure without worrying about hurting the gums. It's an attractive affordable brush and even better that you get two brushes per pack.

Aimee: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum I think this product can be used by babies toddlers and children with sensitive gums The toothpaste tasted and smelt absolutely amazing which made it so much more appealing to my children to brush their teeth which when discussing with friends is always a common issue that they do not like the taste of toothpaste.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jen: I think for the price you are getting a lot for your money compared to other brands especially when you consider the quality of the product. As well as what I have already mentioned, when it arrived I had a variety of leaflets to read with it to educate me more about their brand, aims and the importance of brushing right from the start as well as a packet of well done stickers (promptly stolen by big sis who thinks they are amazing!)

Aimee: I would definitely choose this product to use the tooth paste is appealing and encourages my children to brush their teeth The tooth brush bristles are soft and kind to teeth and gums but also cleans them brilliantly my 15month old is so much more excepting of brushing his back teeth as the brush head is small and compact.

Fiona: I was really pleased with the way the brush head seemed to give great coverage on my daughter's teeth, due to the amount of bristles on it. My daughter is partial to chewing every toothbrush we've tried but I think this one has stood up better over time. Compared to our other toothbrushes I am impressed by that it has a hygienic coating too and that's something I think is very reassuring and puts it above other similar products.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jen: I wonder whether a shorter fatter handle might be better especially in young babies who are just learning to brush themselves but that said my son has only just turned 10 months and he has had no issues over the past month getting the brush into what seems like the right position and chewing down (although of course I subsequently brush his teeth to make sure).

Aimee: I think this product is a well all-rounder If I could change anything on this product it wouldn't be to change anything but maybe give the option of being able to buy one that is slightly longer for parents that are brushing their children's teeth for them as I find it hard to get to my youngest teeth without my hand being very close to his face.

Fiona: If there was any way to prevent a toothbrush from splaying after chewing, or make it anti-chew, that would make things a lot less stressful around toothbrushing time, but I'm probably asking the impossible! Having said that, even after a lot of chewing there is still a large part of the head that is perfectly good.