Tried&Tested: M&S Little Smiles nappy pants

by Maria Martin |

Next up in our Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on M&S Little Smiles nappy pants.

Yes, that's right, M&S have now entered the parenting world with their first-ever baby essentials! Today marks the launch of a new range from the supermarket retailer, including nappies, baby cream and baby wash.

Available to purchase in all M&S shops, you have the choice of three nappy pants, nappies available in 6 sizes an All Over Baby cream and a Top-To-Toe wash.

Below we take a look at what Mother&Baby parents thought of the new nappy pants, priced between £2-3 (depending on the size). Find out what they thought here...

Were the M&S Little Smiles nappy pants gentle on your baby’s skin?

Poppy Sheen: "Yes they felt very nice and soft compared to the ones we usually use."

Sophia Oxbury: "Yes, we noticed no irritation."

Rebecca Hoyle: "Yes. The texture feels a tiny bit rougher on the outside than our usual Pampers / Co-Op nappies, but seems soft enough against our child's skin. Our child had a small nappy rash outbreak prior to trying the nappies but this cleared very quickly during the trial so seems to indicate that they were soft enough."

How absorbent were the M&S Little Smiles nappy pants?

Karyn Lamont: "Very, as good as Pampers."

Jen Bowie: "Good absorbency -  the sizing of these were great. I have an 18kg daughter and a lot of the time she struggles with 5+/6 nappies for providing good coverage and ease of wear (and she is tall and fairly slim) so I loved that they accurately reflected the weight range they were meant to cover and therefore we had no problems with any leakage and good volumes held within the nappy."

How comfortable was the fit, and were they easy to use?

Laura Spencer: "I noticed the fit of these nappy pants straight away. The stretchy band at the top is quite large and feels substantial, I knew straight away that there wouldn't be any leakage out of the top. The nappy section seemed quite narrow over the bum so I was slightly worried, but it didn't cause any issues."

Jessica Ryan: "The fit was good and yes, they were easy to use."

Sophie Hillier-Smith: "Seemed comfortable and pull ups were easy to put on and remove."

What did you think of the quality of the M&S Little Smiles nappy pants?

Lucy Johnston: "They seem lovely quality and very similar to the Pampers we normally buy. I liked the design on the nappy pants."

Hayley Catto: "I thought they were really good they felt very high quality."

Lola Egbubine: "Very good quality for a high street brand. I would switch to them if they make jumbo packs. I was very impressed. We've tried a few supermarket brand nappies before and this is the best we've used."

Would you recommend the M&S Little Smiles nappy pants to a friend?

Laura Spencer: "I would definitely recommend these nappy pants to a friend. They feel lovely and do the job really well."

Jamila Shaheen: "Yes I would recommend the nappy pants to a friend or others."

Hetal Panesar: "Yes would definitely recommend."​

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