18 simple ways to make your baby laugh

Baby Laughing

by Lorna White |

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Baby Laughing

There’s nothing more incredible than hearing a baby’s first laugh, accompanied by a big smile, and the first time you hear that magical sound, you won't be able to get enough of it, so it's good to learn what makes your baby giggle!

It may take a while to happen, with most babies laughing for the very first time at around the 3 to 4 month mark, but figuring out what makes your baby laugh is a big part of getting to know them.

Once they can see the amazing reaction and attention laughing brings to them, you'll probably find your baby will laugh at anything that makes them happy, from their favourite toy to their grandparents faces!

We love this adorable video of Tom Fletcher making little Buzz giggle with a dandelion! It's impossible to watch this without smiling!

Can’t wait? Here are some brilliant triggers to make the magic happen…

How to make your baby laugh

Before trying to make your little one laugh, you'll want to make sure they're fed, not tired and have a clean nappy so that they're in a happy mood.

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1. Belly raspberries
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1. Belly raspberries

Blowing noisy raspberries into your baby’s belly is a fool-proof giggle-trigger.

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