Prince George Is Advanced For His Age, Say Australian Doctors

by Hannah Fox |

His every move has been photographed and analysed in the few public outings he’s made so, and now experts have made their judgement on just how Prince George is developing

As heir to the throne, every sneeze, wobble, smile and gurgle has been documented, with hundreds of column inches and news stories dedicated to how they imagine Prince George will be as an adult.

Now Australian paediatricians have analysed pictures and video footage from the recent royal tour and declared that Prince George is an ‘advanced baby’ with excellent skills. Well, thank goodness for that…

‘He looks like a very mobile baby who actively plays with toys and crawls around and he could be almost walking which is very good at nine months,’ said Dr Antonia Milner of the Sydney Children's Hospital.

‘A mobile baby who will go after the toys he wants, and perhaps pulling himself up to stand, chucking a toy to the ground is all good.

‘He's obviously aware of the world and interested in the world. It's lovely to see such an aware baby.’

Meanwhile, paediatrician and developmental specialist Dr Lee Sutton, said Prince George's alertness and awareness of his surroundings was obvious and a key sign he had not only reached the normal milestones for a child his age, but may be slightly ahead of other babies.

‘His gross motor skills are good and he was standing up, holding onto the railing and he was pointing at the bilby [during the visit to Taronga Zoo],’ says Dr Sutton.

The doctors also pointed out that Prince George could be going through a period of increased development.

‘The funny thing about the way nine month olds develop is they have a little spurt – it's like a growth spurt, but it's developmental – when they have a few days over which they might start doing quite a few new things,’ says Dr Milner.

Do you notice your baby going through development spurts? Let us know below.

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