The nine ways singing helps boost your baby’s brain development

by Catherine Ball |

Think you’re just singing a song together to entertain your tot? Think again! From improving his brain’s ability to retain information to making it easier for him to learn to talk, singing brings a host of almost miraculous effects…

9 benefits of singing with your little one:

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1) Handle emotions

Singing to your baby calms him when he’s feeling upset, and helps him learn to regulate his emotions from the get-go.
‘Music triggers his brain to release dopamine, the hormone which brings a feeling of bliss,’ says child development expert Sally Goddard Blythe. ‘And lullabies are especially effective at soothing your baby.
Lullabies tap into simple melodies and rhythm, and mimic the motion of the mother’s body which the baby is accustomed to from being in the womb. This rhythm makes your baby feel safe and secure.’

Song to try: Hush Little Baby is the perfect song to lower the levels of stress-hormone cortisol in your baby’s brain.

Meet the expert: Child development expert Sally Goddard Blythe is the director of the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) and the author of The Genius of Natural Childhood

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