15 fascinating breastfeeding facts that will impress everyone at your NCT meet-up

by Catriona Watson |

We already know that breastfeeding can have many wonderful benefits and it is the ideal start to your little one's life.

It isn't always easy, but there are certain breastfeeding tips and tricks that experts want you to know that can make breastfeeding that little bit easier.

While some of the magical secrets of breastmilk are still unknown and under-researched, there are a few things that we do know about breastmilk which might surprise you.

We spoke to a breastfeeding counsellor, to find out the best breastfeeding facts they have learnt along the way that they love to share with her NCT classes.

15 amazing breastfeeding facts:

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Struggling to settle your newborn? Get Dad involved
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1) Struggling to settle your newborn? Get Dad involved

If you are struggling to settle your baby, it might be because newborns have a strong sense of smell and know the unique scent of your breastmilk which could be distracting them and preventing them from falling asleep. Sometimes dads can feel left out if their partner is breastfeeding so this is the perfect time to get them involved! Dads are often better at settling their little ones because they don't give off hormones or the smell of breastmilk meaning the baby will find it easier to switch off and drift off to sleep.

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