5 tips for getting baby latched on to the breast

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Like anything new, breastfeeding can be a case of getting the hang of it. It’s all about practice and mastering that initial latch.

Everyone from your mum to the midwife will tell you that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, but what you may not appreciate is that it’s also a skill. And like any new skill, it takes practise (and patience!) to get right.

One of the trickiest things for mum and baby can be getting the latch right.

‘Latching on’ refers to how your baby attaches to the breast – if the latch is right it will be easy for baby to feed, and shouldn’t result in discomfort for mum. Feeling pain while feeding or having sore nipples can be signs your baby isn’t attached correctly.

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How to get baby to latch on to the nipple:

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1) Check you're sitting comfortably

Before you introduce your baby to your nipple, make sure you’re comfortable. Check that your baby’s head and body is in a straight line (if not, it can make it harder for him to swallow) and that you are supporting his neck, shoulders and back.

Whichever breastfeeding hold you choose, your baby should be able to tilt his head back and swallow easily.

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