Breastfeeding problems? Find your solution

by Oliver Birk |

If your baby is having difficulty nursing, there are steps you can take to help him.

If breastfeeding has become a bit of a struggle, there’s usually a reason behind it, and there are things you can do to help you do it successfully.

"I get a lot of mums coming to me and saying they can’t breastfeed, and they feel like they’re to blame," says Geraldine Miskin, a breastfeeding specialist and founder of The Miskin Method.

"In reality, it’s not that they can’t breastfeed, it’s that their baby needs to be guided and shown how to breastfeed effectively."

That’s why we’ve highlighted the key issues that may be causing your baby to struggle.

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1) Wrong latch

Getting the correct latch is key for helping your baby to breastfeed well and ensuring it’s comfortable for you.

"When placing your baby on the breast, his lower lip needs to be on the outer edge of your areola – the coloured area of your nipple," says Geraldine.

"His mouth should be wide open, so he fits as much of the areola in as possible, and so the nipple is hitting the back of your baby’s mouth."

If he doesn’t do this, it can create a shallow latch, which can be painful on your nipples.

"His mouth should be wide open, so he fits as much of the areola in as possible."

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