9 ways to boost your breastmilk naturally

boost your breastmilk

by Louise Pyne |
boost your breastmilk

Breastfeeding mums need all the help they can get. We all know breastfeeding has some amazing benefits but when you're at the beginning of this journey you probably feel like you have a million and one questions that need answering. Fear not - there are certain tips and tricks you can follow to ease you along the way plus snazzy apps to help you monitor your supply and make you feel more confident with expressing.

If you are worried about your supply, we spoke to registered nutritionist Louise Pyne to find out how to increase the quantity and quality of breastmilk in nine simple and natural steps.

Did you know, breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories per day, so listen to those hunger cues! It’s also between 80 and 90 per cent water, so it’s no surprise that drinking extra water will help maintain your supply of milk. Yet, there are some other key ingredients you can add to your diet to help boost the quality and quantity of your breastmilk that might surprise you.

How to increase your breast milk:

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