Tried&Tested: Piccolo Organic Follow On Milk

by Maria Martin |

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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Piccolo's Organic Gentle Follow on Milk.

Find out what our testers thought here...

What do you look for when choosing a formula to use?

Kelly Weightman: "I tend to mainly breastfeed but use formula as a top up and for a break rather than expressing, I tend to use formula once a day. I usually look for well known brands that I feel I can trust, I would favour a brand over a supermarket own brand."

Jennifer Nelson: "I look for a brand who is thinking about the best health for my baby."

Stacey Pollington: "There is nothing in particular I look for, but something that is affordable and what other mums have recommended is always a great start."

Has your baby found it gentle and easy to digest?

Tasha O'Hare: "Yes, although he doesn’t seem to have issues digesting much anymore, but we didn’t have any problems with this formula – he didn’t have any increased spit up and his digestive system seemed to cope just fine."

Ellie Coop: "Absolutely! I haven’t noticed any changes in her bowel movements which gives me confidence that she is managing to digest the formula easily."

Jessica Deaks: "Yes and no. On the first taste he could tell that it was different to his normal milk. After a few days he really seemed to enjoy it. He’s always struggled to go with other formulas. This has got him regular and he is seeming to be in less discomfort with his digestion. I will be carrying on with this brand now for his follow on milk."

Would you recommend Piccolo’s organic formula to a friend searching for a suitable formula? If so, why?

Nick Grady: "Yes, I would recommend, the fact it is organic is the main reason. It is slightly more expensive than other formulas however I still think it is a great product and my baby approves."

Paige Barker: "Yes, I would definitely recommend, I love that it is organic as it is the best thing to give to my baby. I also know Piccolo do a great range of baby food, and so know that they focus largely on what is good for baby’s diet. My baby drinks it well and we have had no issues in the few weeks he has been having it."

Caity Brewin: "Yes I would! It overall seems better for my baby and the packaging is so straightforward to understand how to make a feed."

Did you use the spoon included with the tin? And was this helpful?

Kelly Weightman: "Yes I did use the spoon, it seems a different size to other scoops, so I would only use this when preparing a bottle, I like the size and design of the spoon. It's easy to use and doesn’t seem to spill, it’s a good size too."

Jennifer Nelson: "The spoon included was very helpful and the little tab it sits on made the world of difference, it doesn't sit in the formula meaning you don't have to put your fingers in the formula to make your babies bottle."

Stacey Pollington: "Yes I used the spoon and found it helpful when measuring. I think the lid would benefit a clip of some form so the spoon can clip into it when used, as I often found it under the powder when I’d moved the tin around."

Did you find the instructions on how to make the formula clear and easy to follow?

Tasha O'Hare: "Again, they were more or less the same as all other formula brands – I always check them to make sure there’s no differences but if it was the first time I was making formula I would have found them useful, they cover all bases."

Ellie Coop: "The instructions were helpful and easy to follow."

Jessica Deaks: "Yes, very clear and easy to follow."

Did you find the guide Piccolo put on the packaging about quantities based on the baby’s weight helpful?

Nick Grady: "This tub is 6month+ so it only gave one quantity, however this was useful rather than having to figure out the amount I should be making based on my baby's weight/age."

Paige Barker: "Yes, I did not know how much formula to give my baby as he was breastfed before Piccolo formula so this definitely helped."

Caity Brewin: "I didn’t use this and don’t recall even seeing this information on the packaging."

Did you find any aspects of formulation or the claims stand out? Why?

Tasha O'Hare: "The bullet point information on the lid is probably the bit that I noticed most as it is easier to read and always visible – especially the charity information. I did find the green square on the back “Feeding Life with Pure Nature” probably the hardest to read (it was still legible but the shiny green reflected a lot of light so wasn’t as easy as other parts of the packaging)."

Paige Barker: "No, nothing stands out."

Caity Brewin: "I completely agree with it being 'gentle', my baby has usually had a bit of spit up after bottles, however since using Piccolo she hasn’t."

What did you think of the overall design of packaging?

Kelly Weightman: "I really like it, it's classy, sophisticated and looks expensive but it's also very clear and easy to read and follow."

Jennifer Nelson: "The packaging is brilliant, the tin is made to be recycled and the lid wouldn't be easily opened by any child or baby."

Stacey Pollington: "I like the simplicity of the fact that it was rounded with ridges so it was easy to grab and I didn’t lose grip of it."

Rating: Overall liking to product out of 10?

Tasha O'Hare: "10."

Ellie Coop: "I would say 10/10 for our needs and our requirements."

Caity Brewin: "9, only turn off is the price."

Did you find that the formula is worth the cost?

Nick Grady: "It is more expensive than other brands, but I would pay the price. Piccolo are a great brand and my baby is doing well so far, so I wouldn’t change it just because of the cost."

Paige Barker: "It is slightly more expensive than other formulas, I was planning on going with HIPP until I was asked to test this product, however now I know my baby likes it I will definitely be paying the higher price and staying with Piccolo."

Caity Brewin: "I do think £15 is very expensive for a formula, but you would expect to pay more for quality organic products."

Have you used or do you currently use a different brand of formula? If so, which brands have you tried before?

Kelly Weightman: "Yes I have tried 3 other brands."

Caity Brewin: "Yes, Cow&Gate."

Nick Grady: "Have only used SMA before, my baby is breastfed so has not had much formula. He did not agree with this brand so much as it made him sick on a couple of occasions. However he has not been sick on Piccolo so far."

Please explain how you would compare Piccolo's formula vs other brands you've tried...

Jennifer Nelson: "My baby seemed to enjoy Piccolo's formula very well and took to it easily, we also haven't had any sickness from either."

Stacey Pollington: "I don’t really look at the formula, I just went off what was recommended to me at the time."

Tasha O'Hare: "I would compare the Piccolo higher than a previous brand I have used as it’s organic and donates to charity I think."

How likely are you to continue using our formula?1 (not likely) -10 (I will definitely continue)

Nick Grady: "10, I will happily continue to pay the slightly higher price as my baby is happy with it."

Paige Barker: "10 – will definitely continue using Piccolo."

Caity Brewin: "6 – if I could get it on offer (like it is in Boots at the moment) then I will continue as my daughter is less sickly from it."

Anything you feel Piccolo can improve on / anything they're missing? Please describe any additional feedback here, both about Piccolo as a brand and our formula.

Kelly Weightman: "I love the tin and the design of the product there really isn’t anything I would change. I really like this product and what the brand stands for."

Jennifer Nelson: "The only thing that would make it better is that it could be brought in more stores. Since trying Piccolo's formula we have also been looking into their baby food."

Stacey Pollington: "I would just add some form of clip/clasp to the inside lid for the spoon to attach to, to prevent it falling underneath the powder itself."

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