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by Caitlin Casey |

When it comes to going home with your new baby, baby wipes are an essential piece of kit you'll want to stock up on. They are not the most eco-friendly tools to use, though, so biodegradable wipes may be your best bet if you want to stay safe and green for your child.

Why biodegradable baby wipes?

Standard baby wipes can be bad for the environment if they're not biodegradable because many will end up rotting in landfills. Nowadays, we know of the hazardous effects of waste on a global scale and so with baby wipes being used so frequently by mums all over the world, there needed to be a better eco-friendly option.

Enter: biodegradable baby wipes. These green wipes mean that baby wipes are not only soft and safe for your child, but will also break down into smaller parts years down the line, making waste a lot less.

Although most baby wipes we wouldn't recommend flushing down the toilet, some biodegradable baby wipes you can flush away. That will make cleaning up extra easy. Make sure to double-check whether your biodegradable baby wipes can or not before you start to clog up your drains, though.

Which baby wipes are biodegradable?

Most biodegradable baby wipes will have a little symbol or sign saying that they're 100 per cent biodegradable. This usually comes alongside other symbols like plant-based or 100 per cent recyclable (although not always so make sure you look for it).

Many familiar brands have launched biodegradable baby wipes including our favourites such as Mum & You, Aqua Wipes, Bamboo Nature, The Cheeky Panda and even Amazon have their own biodegradable baby wipes.

We've hunted down the best biodegradable wipes you can get on the market right now. Just take a peek below.

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