9 ways to boost your baby’s immune system

Boost your baby's immune system

by Catriona Watson |

Babies and toddlers pick up an average of eight colds a year, but there are simple ways to boost your baby’s immune system and help them fight off illness.

From having a healthy diet, to taking supplements, to keeping your little one wrapped up in a winter coat, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your baby's and your own health are in tip-top condition!

9 ways to boost your baby's immune system:

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1. Take a vitamin supplement

If you’re breastfeeding a baby under three months, your main defence is to carry on. ‘Breastmilk contains all the nutrients and immune-boosting goodness your baby needs,’ says GP Catti Moss. ‘If your baby is older than three months, you could give her a daily multivitamin.’ Try Vitabiotics WellKid Baby Syrup. Or, for over-threes, try Haliborange Kids Omega-3 Syrup With Vitamins A, C, D u0026 E.

Once your baby is weaned, you can boost her vitamins through food. ‘Zinc is known to strengthen your immune system, so it can resist infections like colds,’ says nutritionist Amanda Ursell. Find it in red meat, oily fish and wholegrain cereals. ‘And studies show that, while vitamin C won’t prevent a cold, it will reduce its severity and length.’ Fill up on berries, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables and brightly coloured peppers.

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