How To Help The Medicine Go Down

by Mother & Baby Team |

Giving your baby the right amount of medicine can be a messy business – often accompanied with a fair bit of resistance. So, it can help to swot up and make sure you’re doing things right

Having a baby who’s feeling poorly is heartbreaking and stressful enough. And then the medicine part comes into play.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the whole giving-her-medicine process smoother – for both her and you.

Prep the medicine

First of all, check you’ve got the correct medicine for her age and ailment and make sure it’s not out of date. You may need to shake the medicine if instructed to do so on the bottle.

Measure it out

Measure the correct dose using the syringe or dropper that the medicine comes with. If needed, these plastic syringes can also be obtained from a pharmacy – they’re better than using a spoon because they allow you to be more accurate with the dosage.

Get the quantity right

Dip the end of the syringe into the liquid and draw up the correct amount of liquid.

How to give medicine

Hold your baby firmly on your lap with one arm (the left hand if you are right handed) and put the end of the syringe in her mouth with your right hand. Point the syringe towards her cheek and gently squirt in the dose of medicine.

Smooth sailing

It may help to distract your baby, but don’t use excessive force. Afterwards, you could offer a favourite drink to help wash the medicine down.

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