The Best Child Safety Products For Plug Sockets And Cables

Keep your toddler safe by blocking off plugs and sockets

by Syed Shehzad |

Create a safe environment for your toddler by tidying away electrical cords and keeping plugs secure with these must-buy products that will make your home a safe zone

Computer TV Cable Wire Cord Organiser Tidy Zip

This plastic cable holder tidies up loose cables, preventing them from getting knotted or being a trip hazard for a mobile toddler (£6.79, Tesco)

Socket covers

Cover up open sockets and prevent your little one from inserting objects, or fingers in them, with these plastic socket covers (£2.99,

Cable Tidy Unit for 6 Way Extension Block

These days, the average household has so many electrical items and chargers they need 6-way extension plugs all over the place. This box lets you tidy it away so little hands can’t pull at the plugs (£18.90, Tesco).

Dual Guard Socket Covers

If you’re worried that your wily toddler will be able to work out how to remove a regular plastic cover, or you have older children, these socket covers provide a double layer of safety. As well as covering the socket opening, there’s an ‘anti grip’ design to make it difficult to remove it without the use of a tool (£3.50,

Akasa Cable Tidy Unit

Cable ties are useful for keeping wires pulled together using hook-and-loop self-fastening (£4.99, Simples!

Have you taken steps to child-proof the electrical items in your home? Let us know in the comment box below.