10 weaning superfoods to add to your baby’s plate

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by Emily Thorpe |

The first stage of baby weaning begins at 6 months, so make sure you feel prepared to begin introducing finger foods. But which foods are best to start with? Most importantly, vegetables are a good place to start, they're tasty and nourishing in equal measure.

You might need some tips on how best to start the weaning process, but bear in mind that babies are most receptive to trying out new flavours at this point. By weaning with vegetables from the outset, you're encouraging them to enjoy these flavours. This helps prevent them from developing too much of a taste for sweet things.

Make sure these nutrient-packed eats are on your tot’s menu, says Annabel Karmel…

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1) Avocado

Making it straight into the top 10 without a pause for thought is the avocado. It boasts more than 20 vitamins, giving this trendy fruit plenty of nutritional bang for every teeny bite your tot takes. It contains more protein than almost any other fruit, which is an important building block for bones, cartilage and skin, and is also needed to produce the hormones and enzymes that regulate your baby’s body.
It’s also a fab source of fat, which your youngster needs in her diet to support normal physical and mental growth and development, and to enable her body to absorb vitamin A. But what secures its long-term position as a weaning superfood is that all babies love it. The taste isn’t overwhelming, and it combines well with various other flavours, making it a great base for baby food.

Make it!

Scoop out the flesh of a small, ripe avocado and mash together with a small, ripe banana. For a thinner consistency, or if you’re serving it as a first foods breakfast, mix in a little of your baby’s usual milk. Suitable from 6 months.

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