11 foods to AVOID until your baby’s first birthday

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Starting your baby on solids is a great chance to get him enjoying different tastes and types of food. But, there are some to keep off his menu for the time being – no matter how delicious they may be.

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1) Salt

There’s no need to add salt to your baby’s food as it’s not good for his health – in the same way it isn’t for ours. Up to a year old, the NHS recommends he have less than 1g of salt a day – less than 0.4g sodium – so check the nutritional information on food packaging. 

‘If you want to add flavour to his food or purée, try some herbs or a little unsalted butter instead,’ says health visitor Nicola Joseph.

Even if you’re not adding salt to your little one’s diet, it’s important to check the salt content of other foods you might be giving them. Bread, for example has 0.4-0.5g of salt per slice, a digestive biscuit has 0.2g per biscuit and stock from a stock cube has 0.4g per 50ml.

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